Life without Brady for a while

by Dean Nicosia




Brady goes down with a serious knee injury in the 1st quarter


Brady leads the QBs out of the tunnel.


Cassel throws a TD to Moss in the back of the endzone


Maroney makes some good runs 


After nearly 4 years of having Brady on the injury report from week-to-week with the nagging shoulder injury, and the entire pre-season with the foot injury, the Patriots finally came out with an injury report without Brady on it. Enter irony stage right, a real injury that could keep Brady out for most if not all of the 2008 season. And now we find out what life without Brady will be like, for the first time since Bledsoe was injured two weeks into the 2001 season, which ushered in the Brady era. 

For 128 straight games we've had one of the best QBs to ever play the game leading our team. Through good and bad, injuries at other positions, a revolving door of players and 3 Super Bowl wins, Tom Brady has been right there in every game for almost 7 years. The feeling among fans has been that as long as we have Brady, we can win games. 

Brady has won with good receivers and bad, great defenses and not so great, and he's won on years when we were counted out. He's made the playoffs for all but one of his 7 season, and made the Super Bowl 4 of those winning 3. There's been changes at offensive coordinator and almost every position around him, but Tom has been there winning games for the Patriots.

And now he's out for the unforeseeable future, and we are left wondering when he's coming back, and how we are going to win without him. (Remind you a tiny bit of 2001?)

Life without Brady is a bit of a scary notion to Patriots fans, because before Brady, there was Bledsoe. We didn't have the confidence in Bledsoe that we do in Brady, and we never won the big one with Bledsoe. Don't get me wrong, in my book Bledsoe saved the Patriots and opened the door to the greatness that we see in New England now, but Brady took us through that door. 

With Bledsoe we were a contender every year, a very good team, with Brady we won 3 Super Bowls and became a dynasty. A dynasty which continues today, after going 16-0 last season and making the Super Bowl, the expectations are that the Patriots will be good for a long time to come.

But that's with Brady, no one knows what life is going to be like without Brady, however long that may be. 

Is it possible that we can see this team find a way to win behind a 7th round draft pick at QB in Matt Cassel? Can the defense, running game and receivers step up and make plays good enough to win with Matt Cassel? And is Cassel the next coming of Tom Brady?

Only time will tell. For now we wait and see what happens to our team without Brady.

Fasten your seatbelts and stay tuned, this season just got really crazy. Hopefully we'll see Tom back soon, but in the mean time, it's the Matt Cassel show. 

Go Matt Cassel, and Go Patriots!

God Bless and Go Patriots!!