Ball-gate...A Whole Lot of Hot Air

by Dean Nicosia






Well, here we go again. The Patriots, who are by far the most successful football team since 2001, the year after Belichick came to New England and drafted Tom Brady, are once again under attack. This time with a little more emphasis on attacking Tom Brady, arguably the best QB to ever play the game. Ball-gate, as I call it, or deflate-gate is just the latest attempt by the media to derail the Patriot's success or at the very least, paint that success as cheating and therefore invalid. 

It’s obvious that the sports media is not fond of Belichick, who reminds them that they know nothing about football and who isn't very nice to them. Fans of other teams tend not to like any team who consistently wins and isn't their team. The Patriots are now experiencing some of what “America’s Team”, the Cowboys have experienced over the years; jealous hatred toward a successful organization, and their coaches and players. 

When you sum up spy-gate, which is a practice of videoing what 80,000 people could see with their own eyes, and deflate-gate, which is yet to be quite figured out, but as Belichick pointed out could have been an issue of science and not manipulation, you have a whole lot of hot air. This perception of cheating is something that some cling to as a way of explaining the amazing success of the Patriots while their teams have not done so well, but it’s a misperception. 

When you analyze it logically and without a filter, both of those, “gates” had little or nothing to do with the success of the Patriots in those two situations. And only one was a minor violation of not reading and heeding the memo that had gone out that season, and the penalty was issued and complied with. 

With spy-gate, lots of teams were doing the same thing, a memo went out from the NFL saying to stop it, and the Patriots kept doing it and were caught. Again, not gaining an advantage but just automating a process every team does, which is record what the defensive signals are for the other teams and what the ensuing plays end up looking like. Something you can still do with your own eyes and a clipboard but the Patriots, along with many other teams had digitized that process. Not yielding any extra information, just making it easier. 

But people continue to hate Belichick and now they think they have a reason to hate Tom Brady, and explain away his success. 

So maybe Tom Brady should have stabbed someone in a limo and killed some dogs, just before knocking out Gisele and dragging her back to his room, then he wouldn't be such a bad guy. Because we all know that he sucked the air out of those balls himself, it's so obvious that we don't need proof. And we all know that it's the only reason he can hold and throw a football.

That's how the court of public opinion works. But luckily, as a proud Patriots fan, and a grown adult, I don't care about public opinion.

This whole thing is a joke and the only reasonable reaction to this drummed up controversy is laughter. If you hated the Patriots before this latest, "gate", to the point of anger (psycho), then you still hate them. And if you loved the Patriots, then you still love them. Nothing else has changed, except for a couple of pounds per square inch, which in the grand scheme of things is nothing but some hot air. 

This is all about ratings for the networks, and another chance for Patriots haters to, once again let out a little of their own hot air. 

God Bless and Go Patriots!!