The Chowdah Bowl

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Report from Cloud 9!

Chowdah 1/23/04

  The euphoria that has spread through Patriot Nation with the pending Super Bowl coming up has been unparalleled! But do we Patriot fans truly appreciate what a special season this has been?  


For those of us fortunate enough to belong to a great fan club (like ours or Murphy fans or the Pats fan club of AZ) or to have a dish and the Sunday ticket we have witnessed history in the making as the Patriots have strung together the 2nd longest winning streak in NFL history! (14 games and counting). But this streak has been like no other in that every game has been close...Every one has had that “edge of your seat” moments of anxiety and anticipation.  


All that talk about streaks needing to end and that one moron in the Boston Fish wraps actually suggesting the Patriots throw the game vs. the BiLLLLs cuz a loss has to come at some point made my blood boil! I felt that this team was better prepared for the playoff run than any other cuz nothing was handed to them...Nothing was easy! This winning streak was EARNED!  The Patriots simply “Refused to Lose!”


I recently had a discussion with a Bronco fan friend of mine in which I argued that, with a win over the Panthers, Brady would have to be considered with not only the present but with the All-time great QB’s!  Look at what he has accomplished…SB MVP his rookie year...Led NFL in TD’s his 2nd year and I think this season goes without saying!  He has a Montana like presence in the pocket...Nothing seems to rattle him.  I can only see him getting better and better each year! My friend, who had a great QB to watch in John Elway, scoffed at the idea!  I chalk it up to “QB Envy” because his “Snake” can’t deliver like our Brady can!


Win or lose SB Sunday we Patriot fans should realize that this is not the end of an era but just the beginning!  Next year the team will be even stronger as we will get Rosevelt Colvin back and with all those draft picks maybe Coach B can start addressing the O-Line and give Brady some more weapons!    


Here’s to a great Season….And continued success in Superbowl XXXVIII…


Sing it with me..




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