The Chowdah Bowl

by Brian Freedman (Chowdah)









































Here we go again……………….


I had hopes that maybe this year...with the loss of Romeo, Weiss, Bruschi & TJ that maybe, just maybe, the football Gods would be kind to the Pats and not push any further adversity down our beloved teams throats.


1 weekend basically burst that bubble.


Final Score: Pats 23...Tin Foils 20...

Rodney Harrison on IR, Matt Light out 4-6 weeks and now..Kevin Faulk has a broken bone in his foot and is expected to be out up to 8 weeks!!!


Never before has Kraft/Pioli/Belechick's “stocking up the bottom of the portfolio plan” been so tested. They had instituted a plan that should be attrition-proof. One in which top players can go out with injury and another will step in and get the job done.


Well this plan will be pushed to the limit as the Patriots enter game 3 of what is recognized as the toughest 5 game stretch any team has ever had to face. Jim Keenan and I are bringing the mojo as we head out to Gillette this weekend to see the Patriots take on the Chargers. Then its on the road to Atlanta then Denver.


I say all these games are winnable! Why? BECAUSE THESE ARE THE PATRIOTS!!!!!

No other team is as capable of stepping up in the face of adversity than this team. Those who discount the quality of the Pats championships have no clue about what this team has endured and how the game is played. To the Patriots you only need to be 1 point better than your opponent…THAT’S IT!  Stealing a line by that old fart in the jump suit that is running the Rai”Duhs”….JUST WIN BABY!  Its that simple!


This is a team who’s championship run has been forged from a “crippling” injury to Drew back in 2001 (Mo Lewis is still that years Pats MVP!!). A team that at one point had 11 starters out and still took home the trophy!!!  As long as Brady’s at the helm..Seymour is leading the defense and Vinitieri keeps his leg strong we can win ANY GAME!!!!


Do you know that not 1 of the so-called Experts has predicted that the Patriots will win the Superbowl! In fact I’m yet to find one that predicts the Pats will even MAKE IT to SB XL!!!!   This level of disrespect has fired me up!!  Imagine the level of satisfaction that will come when the Pats once again get to hoist the trophy this year!!! I can’t wait!

There are really no gimme’s on our schedule this year. Each game will be a battle. The consensus in the club after the Steeler’s game is that we haven’t felt that kind of edge of seat tension and stress in quite some time.  In a way it is exhilarating and invigorating!



Chowdah’s Random Thoughts



·        This weekend is actually a full Chowdah weekend as Jim K. & I will be at Fenway to see the Red Sox battle it out with those hated Stankees! Between the Red Sox and the Pats the atmosphere out there will be electric and I am thrilled to be able to be there and take part of it!


·        This is the 1st year I have 2 Patriots on my fantasy football roster. Corey Dillon and D. Branch (3 if you count Bledsoe). So far so good as Corey has given me 2 strong games, and Branch has been consistent (just need a few more TD’s Mr. Brady!) and Bledsoe is the best QB in the NFC!! 3 games in my Bahstahn Chowdahheads are 2-1!


·        Turnout at “What’s” has been great!  Being able to share all the Patriots triumphs with others really makes it all worth while!  Kudos to John & Dorothy for allowing us to take over their business every game day!!  It’s a real pleasure not to have to compete and share our club with any other teams fans!


·        I live on the East side of town and have to get up early for work so for certain night games I just can’t make it to the club and will go to a great place in Macedon called Flaherty’s on Route 31.  Any East side Pats fans wanting to experience the “Pats Fan club of Rochester” experience please come on down! I will post those games on our web sites message board! The only club member, other than those who live on my side of town, to have joined me is Ron “Zilla” & Cammie  Antonow!(Thanks guys!) How about a few more make the trek out to my side and join me, for at least 1 game this year!


·        I actually broke down and bought a digital camera so I promise to get some pics up on the site!


Well that’s about all this limited cranium can muster for now!


Lets go Red sox!!! Lets Go PATS!!!!!


And please…Sing it with me!…….





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