The Chowdah Bowl

by Brian Freedman (Chowdah)






















How Sweet it is!!!!!!

And other thoughts….

By Chowdahhead

Its Superbowl night, around 11pm, and Dean and I sitting around “What’s on Second”, drinking our Sam Adams, and trying to soak in what we had just witnessed.  We were talking about how this Superbowl victory felt different somehow. That although we rocked the roof off when Vinatieri’s kick sailed through the uprights, sealing the win, it was in some way, compared to 2001, a bit more tempered. How could this be? Could it have been the fact that this time the Pats were expected to win? The shock of actually seeing another team hold a lead for even a few seconds (something we haven’t seen since Thanksgiving!) or could it be something even larger than that!

Think about this fellow Patriot fans - Our beloved team has won 15 straight games but this win streak is like no other in that the largest margin of victory in any of these games was 14 points. Every game had us at the edge of our seat in the 4th quarter and in every game our team came through and delivered the win!  Although there were some tense moments in the Superbowl I was confident that the Patriots would find a way to win!  They have done it all season so why should this be any different!     

When you take in all the highlights of this season: The goal line stand vs. Indy, The come from behind wins vs. Denver and Houston, The 12-0 shutouts against the Cowboys and Dolphins, the win streak and of course the nail-biter of a Superbowl Championship it is a lot to take in. I’m still trying to process it all!  But I say you take the time because this was one of the most special seasons in Patriots history, one that will be hard to top for season long drama and exhilaration! 

I’m reading all the articles talking about potential dynasties and the such. With the return of our coaches, a healthy offensive line, Rosevelt Colvin and all those draft picks how can we not be confident heading into next season?  It is important to not compare the Patriots with other sports. The situation in the NFL is different than in any other league. In this age of salary cap and parity it is almost impossible to keep a championship team together for any length of time but the Patriot’s have found the golden ticket by stocking our club with cap-friendly players!  Just getting to the superbowl, much less winning it 2 times in 3 years pretty much is the equivalent to those, run of the mill, NBA 3-peats!

For us Chowdahheads that have suffered through the championship droughts of the Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics the Patriots are a welcome sight! They have kept many of us from climbing to the top of the highest building and taking the leap!

I am grateful to Owner Robert Kraft for having the foresight to “pay” for Coach Belichick, to hire the right front office personnel, and for keeping the Patriots in Foxborough! He, in essence, has saved our franchise!  THANK YOU!!!!

Here are some other thoughts that are rattling around the old Chowdah Bean

  When Ricky Proehl caught that game tying TD and I looked up and saw 1:08 left

          on the clock, I said to myself...“Self….This is just like 2001 vs. the Rams..Brady is

          going to drive the pats down the field and Vinatieri is going to win it!”

          It was “Déjà vu times 2” Baby!


  We all groaned through Vinatieri’s “adventures” in the 1st half of the Superbowl

           but, the stats show that his struggles were not  a total surprise. In 35 FG

           attempts in domed stadiums, or buildings with the roof closed, Vinatieri was 31-35

           All 4 of his misses were in Reliant stadium!  This makes that 41 yarder even more

           special and proves that Adam has to be considered one of the best clutch kickers

           in NFL history!!!!

 For all the press about the Patriots injured offensive line I need to point out that

         Tom Brady was not sacked once this postseason!! That’s right ZERO sacks!

         Light, Andruzzi, Koppen, Hochstein, Gorin & Ashworth deserve just as much credit

         for this trophy as Brady, Smith, Law and Vinatieri! Great job guys!

  I have been a member of our fan club for 9 years now and I was thrilled that we

          had possibly our largest crowd! A packed house of well over 60 people for the

          Superbowl!! I know this pales in comparison with the numbers that “Murphy’s

          Pub” of Virginia and “The Vine” of Arizona got but for our little bar that was

          pretty special!  Hats off to John, Dorothy, and the whole “What’s on Second” crew

          for making it all go so smoothly. The half time spread was, as usual, fantastic!!

  Congratulations to Jim Keenan for winning the largest 50/50 pot in club history -

          $120!  I guess drinks are on you next season!  Our traditional “Belly Bump Double

          High Five” celebration, rumor has it, has been registered on the Richter scale!

 Props must go out to the Archetko’s. The official ‘family’ of the Patriots fan club of

         Rochester, NY. For the past 5 years Jim, Sue and their 3 boys Frank, Jimmy and

         Timmy have been regulars at “What’s on Second. They have become like the

         cornerstone’s for our fan club!  Much of this season’s success must be linked

         to Jimmy & I standing shoulder to shoulder in our “lucky spot” in crucial 3rd down

         defensive situations. It is through our “mojo” that the Patriots D always has

         delivered! (That’s my story and I’ll stick with it!) 

         When the Pats have the ball, it was Timmy’s & mine rhythmic clapping that willed

         the Patriots to get over those crucial 3rd downs and “Move those chains!”

         And with the amount of food these guys put down I would even dare say they have

         been crucial to the Bar’s fiscal well being!   

  Big Thanks go out to Jim Brown who took over the 50/50 Raffle and membership

         drawings. Jim also brings in a table full of high quality Patriots and Red Sox

         collectibles. I have Jim to thank for many of the items I proudly display in my

          “Shrine” at home.  Next time you see him why not offer him a Jack & Coke!

 I cannot finish this piece off without giving credit and recognition to our President,

         Dean Nicosia, who started this club with 3 other guys 10 years ago and has,

         overseen our club’s growth in size and stature. It is through our website, which he

         maintains and updates on his own, that we discovered and have become good

         friends with the Murphysfans and the Patriots Fan club of Arizona (and just found

         the Orange County CA Pats Fan club).  We had 3 separate local news channels visit

         us on Superbowl Sunday and we have even been recognized by the Boston print

         and television media!  None of this would have been possible without Dean’s



Lets all gather round and have a hearty cheer for this Special Superbowl Season! How Sweet it is!!!!!!



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