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Christmas Party 2014-   Come down to Mo's Mulberry Street on December 14, at 1pm for the PatriotsNY Christmas party. (During the Patriots/Dolphins game.) As a paid member (you can sign up that day) you will be entered into a raffle with a bunch of cool prizes and there will be food put out at halftime from the folks at Mulberry Street. See you there! 


Calendar of Events-  Check out the new PatriotsNY Calendar to see a month by month view of what's coming up for PatriotsNY members. If you click on an event in the calendar, you will get a detailed description and a map. If you have any events that you would like us to add, please email me!


Mo's Mulberry Street is our new home-  For those of you who haven't made it down yet, we are now meeting for all of the games at Mo's Mulberry Street on Lee rd in Gates. It feels like our old home "What's on Second" and the owners are like family to me and also supporters of the Patriots. Plus I am the tech guy there so I've made sure that the sound and video are good.  We have plenty of space there and a 55" HD plasma to watch the game on. Come down and check us out. [MAP]


Join us- If you would like to be a part of the Patriots fan club of Rochester, NY and help support [click here] for the PDF application form, print it out and send it to our Treasurer's address listed on the form.

  Whether or not you are from upstate NY,  you will become a part of our community, supporting the Patriots. We donate to local and patriot related charities and we have some raffles that you will automatically be entered into. And if you come to Buffalo for the Bills/Patriots game you will be a part of the best Patriots tailgate in Buffalo.

Charity Donations- Here are the club's donations so far for the 2006 football season,  if you have any suggestions, email me at

-Humane Society (Lollipop Farm)     $30.00
-American Liver Foundation            $25.00
(Kathy Rock)
-Open Door Mission                         $30.00
-Dimitri House                                  $50.00
-Light Foundation                            $25.00
-Hospice Roch/Lifetime Care           $25.00
(via Pat Stuhlmiller)


2005 Donations

Humane Society         $30.00   Annual Membership
Open Door Mission      $26.85    Annual Contribution
Doug Flute Jr
Foundation for Autism $ 25.00    (new)
Light Foundation          $25.00     (new)
Dimitri House               $25.00    Annual Contribution


2004 Donations

Humane Society-$25.00

Open Door Mission-$26.85

Dimitri House-$50.00

Eastern Paralyzed Vets Assn- $35.00




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Video of the Patriots @ The White House from

Super Bowl Slide show from


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