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2002 NFL Draft....Patriots Picks....1st round (21st pick) Daniel Graham TE Colorado 6-3 248....2nd round (65th pick) Anthony Branch WR Louisville 5-9 191...4th round (117th pick) Rohan Davey QB LSU 6-2 245...4th round (126th pick) Jarvis Green DE LSU 6-3 272...7th round (237th pick) Antwoine Womack RB Virginia 5-11 214...7th round (253rd pick) David Givens WR ND 6-0 217 ...The 2002 schedule is out, 5 national games.... chime in with your thoughts on the Bledsoe Trade with our Message Board...God Bless America!!!!!

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Club VPs- I would like to give a special thanks to those who help run this club;

Jim Brown- Jim has taken over the raffles, and he has helped to plan all of the special events. Jim helps with all of the decisions that are made, and back in 1996, he encouraged me to keep this thing running, when I was running out of steam.

Floyd Rollinson- Floyd is the club treasurer and also helps with all special events. Floyd helps me make the membership cards every year and keeps all of the clubs records. He also makes up the membership forms and handles all of the funds. Floyd also helps make decisions regarding the club.

Tom Pingree- Tom helped me get this site going, and he lets the club use his CC to pay for this site. Tom helps to plan the tailgate in Buffalo, and purchased all of the tickets for the last game we went to in Buffalo. Tom also helps me make decisions regarding the club.

These three people have really helped me keep this thing going and I consider them true friends. All of you who come down and join make having a fan club worth it. I have come to consider all of you friends and I look forward every year to football season because of this club. I hope you will continue to join us at What's on Second, and maybe we can get together there in the off season to have a beer and chat football. God Bless and Go Patriots!! 

Dean Nicosia

Super Bowl Party at What's on Second- We had an excellent time down at What's on Second. Thanks to John, Dot, Emily and Steve for all their hard work, and for the wonderful spread at half time. 

  Besides the near heart attacks, that was one of the best times I've ever had down there, and that's saying a lot. We had a visitor from Maine, Dana, who I hope will leave us a message so we can keep in touch. 

   I am really going to miss Sundays down there, so I suggest that we meet down there in the off season. Red Sox games, the NFL Draft, or just lunch on a Sunday for some quick draw and a viewing of the highlights would all be great reasons to meet down there. 

   I will let you know when we will be there so we can keep the season going. Come down to  What's on Second and join us for more fun.



Annual Club Christmas Party...

Sunday December 29, will be the date of the club Christmas party down at What's on Second. This is the last game of the season with da Dolphins at New England. We will have free giveaways for all club members, lots of superbowl stuff including a blanket. There will also be food at halftime for all club members. Email us for more info. 

Charitable Club Donations We will be putting a page up for the charities which this club donates to. Just to fill you in, our recent donations include the March of Dimes ($20), The Open Door Mission ($26.85), and the Dimitri House ($25). Our charity page will have links and info about these charities so you can check them out for yourself, and even donate on your own. If you have any charity suggestions for us, please email with them.  Merry Christmas!!

Lazer Art Products Our main sponsor is "Lazer Art Products". Show your card to get 10% off anything in the store. They have sponsored us for the past 7 years and they offer the widest selection of Patriots products in the area. Don't bother going anywhere else to find what you are looking for.  .[Click Here]

Schedule  Check out the upcoming schedule with notes and predictions from me. If you don't agree or want to make a comment, stick it on the message board. [Click Here] for the schedule. This was an idea submitted by Brian Freedman, thanks Brian, let's hear from the rest of you!!

Message Board  There have been many issues worth talking about this year....Bledsoe/Brady....Terry "the Bum" Glenn...and now the win over Oakland, and "The Call"....weigh in with your comments at the Message Board. [Click Here]

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Ted Williams Dies

Watch Video

The greatest hitter ever, who played his entire career for the Boston Red Sox from 1939 to 1960 died at a hospital in Florida today, June 5. He served the country in WW2 and in Korea, losing 3 of the years he would've been playing baseball, and he was just as proud of that as he was of anything he ever did on the field. Ted Williams will be missed by all New England sports fans. (Read his bio on the Red Sox web site.)


Patriots honored by President Bush

Check out the video: cable  / dial-up


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