Club Pictures

12/28/08-Richard Luken Tailgate Photos

12/28/08-Jim Keenan Tailgate photos

11/24/08-Miami Game

09/14/08-Down at Stuckos

12/23/07- 2007 Christmas Party

11/14/07-Down at Jeremiah's

10/14/07-Dallas game at Jeremiah's

12/17/06-PatriotsNY Christmas Party

10/22/06-PatriotsNY 2006 Tailgate;

Photo's by

[Cindy Antaya]

[Richard Luken]

[Dean Nicosia]

[Todd Walbridge roll 1]

[Todd Roll 2]


01/01/06-New Years Day

12/11/005- Tailgate Photos from 2005;

Todd's Photos

[Roll 1]

[Roll 2]

[Dean's Photos]

10/03/04-Tailgate Photos from Buffalo game with Murpy's;

[Todd's Photos]

[Rich's Photos]

Photos by Brian




02/01/04-Second Superbowl down at the club

11/05/02-Bledsoe Bowl 1 with the Murphy's club

11/05/02-Slide show version

02/03/02- Superbowl down at the club

01/19/02- Playoff game vs. Oakland

12/22/01- Annual Club holiday party, Miami game

12/17/01-Trip to Buffalo slide show