Dynasty or not, we are having FUN!!

by Dean Nicosia                                                          2/15/05








Redman pays up his wager.....






Well the Patriots did it again, they pulled off another 3 point victory in the Super Bowl, sending us home from our last game of the year with a collective smile on our faces. We have had two years in a row now where we have been treated to 3 extra games, all wins, and all tons of fun. This club started out in 1993, and while we've always had fun, and enjoyed watching our teams together on Sunday afternoons, (sometimes we get the Red Sox on at the same time) we never thought it could be this good. Not only are we the local fans of the Dynasty known as the New England Patriots, but we get to extend our season every year watching some of the most exciting football I can ever remember watching. Everything I love about the game of football, I'm seeing in our Patriots of the new Millennium.

Down at What's on Second, I have to admit that it was a little tense for a while, there was for a minute or two the feeling that the slipper had fallen, the ride was over. The first half was a brutal half of football, until the Patriots scored at the end. Could this be the day that we walk out of our last game of the season with our heads down, and without the spring in the step? I also must admit that I didn't' quite remember that until "Eric the Steelers Fan" reminded me of it. I remembered the winning and the celebrating, but as I thought back, I did have the feeling that things might not go our way on that Sunday. See, that's what four straight punts will do to your confidence. That was the first time in forever that I remember the Patriots starting any game with four straight punts, let alone a Super Bowl game against a very tough opponent. 

But we still clung to our faith in our team. Time after time the Defense came up big to keep the Eagles out of the end zone. Time after time Philly squandered scoring chances, as guys like Harrison came up with big turnovers. We knew it was just a matter of time that Tom Brady and the offense would get on track and find their way to the promise land, we just were hoping that it wasn't going to be too little, too late. But when the Patriots got close, and Tom Brady gave up the ball, there was almost that feeling that we had missed a chance that would come back to haunt us. But they managed to score before the half, and that was the drive that set us straight. From that point on, we had more of a confidence that our team was going to pull it off. We started having some fun in the second half. 

Mind you, I had a lot of fun in the second half. I couldn't' think of a place that I would rather watch my team win a Super Bowl then right where I was. Unless I could take all of you to the game itself, now that would be a good time. But we celebrated, and watched and cheered as our team took control of the game in the second half. They had dodged that proverbial bullet in the first half, and they were cruising on their way to a win.  If they hadn't held the Eagles to 7 points in the first half, the outcome of the game might have been very different, and with all of the opportunities that the Eagles had to score, it was just a relief to be out of the first half with a tie game. I'll take the Patriots in the second half of close game anytime, this team just knows how to win those close games, and we the fans know it. You could feel the change in the air down at our little corner of the world. Things were looking a whole lot brighter.

Half time was fun as usual, we had a couple of member raffles, and What's on Second put out a nice spread for us, it was nice to take a break, and soak in the moment. I couldn't really eat, because I was still nervous and excited, but managed a nibble or two. I would like to thank our home of 11 years, What's on Second, for a great year as usual, John, Dorothy, Emily and John did a great job on Super Bowl Sunday of not only keeping up but making us feel at home same as they do when there is only a few of us. We will be planning some Sundays where we can meet down there in the off-season. 

The game over all was a good one, and the Patriots continued to prove why they will be considered a dynasty when we look back 20 years from now. I just hope that it continues for many years to come. 

We did have a friendly wager between my Godson Dylon and "Eric the Steelers fan", or Redman as some of us know him. The wager was that if the Patriots won, he would wear a Patriots jersey for the web site, and if the Eagles won, Dylon would wear a Steelers jersey for the website. Lucky for Dylon the Patriots won, and below, you will see a Picture of Eric wearing a Patriots jersey. His daughter Taylor is to the left and Dylon to the right. Taylor is a Red Sox fan, and she ended up rooting for the Patriots on Sunday.

I hope everyone had a good time wherever you watched the game, I hope that if you are from outside the area, you will look us up if you get into town. For those of us in the club, I look forward to meeting up in the off-season. Jim Keenan among others will be planning some different events, Linda Allen is talking about playing some cards, so keep in touch with us, and stop back in once in a while.

Below was my prediction on the game, you can see how wrong I was, but at the end of the day, the Patriots won, and that's all that counts. I'll be doing some more coverage and pictures of the Super Bowl in the next few weeks. There are tons more pictures to go up thanks to Kim Lawson, our photographer for this year's Super Bowl. I will even upload the video of us on Fox 31. 

It's great to be a Patriots fan!!

My Slanted Prediction on the game;

Patriots 34   Eagles 20

I think it will be close in the first half, but the Patriots will pull away in the second half, with some of the Patriot's point coming on defense and/or special teams.

God Bless and Go Patriots!!