PatriotsNY/Murphy's Club Buffalo Tailgate 2004 Photos

Photos by Todd Walbrige


Patriots fans showed up from all over New England


That's something I got from Ricky Williams, he was kind enough to show up...


This guy was from Canada, I wish I was better at remembering names...


Dylon trying out for the Patriots


There was plenty of food


The next QB of the Pats


How did this Bills fan get in our group...actually that is Tom Ryan, former mayor of Rochester


time for a cheer


Donato decided not to wear his Cowboys gear, Bills fans don't like the Cowboys, can't imagine why...


these girls were raising money


the Doc and Chowda


here comes more cheerleaders


the Patriots fan club of Rochester was well represented...


More cheers


Scott looks for some salt...inside joke


Ok, now they're raising money


the food was finger licking good


Go Pats!!


Dylon's first football game was one to remember


Jim is the cheerleader for our club too


The Patriots have a way of making you smile


man that doll looks like a real boy


getting ready for the big game


Dylon on the left is from upstate NY and is a Patriots fan, and the boy on the right is from New England, and he's a bills fan


Jim sporting the old school hat


Pats fans of all ages


Scott had to find a Bills fan to get his salt


More Patriots fans from New England


Doug of Murphy's fans, Wouldn't be the same without Doug!


Rich and Jim Brown enjoying the great weather we had


Tom met up with Ricky too...ok that's just a joke, that was a fine Cigar from Southtown Beverages


Southtown Beverages hooked us up with some hometown beer...mmmmmm


Dylon and Mo before the big game


more Pats fans of all ages...I think he was a Pats fan


that's an odd looking spectacle


Must be a prank call from a Bills fan


that  Chowda was good


How big of a Patriots fan are you now Mo?


there's a line at the Sam Adams


Big Fan


The line isn't going down


Dylon throws a big pass 7 cars down the parking lot to the Bills fan


Donato wisely wears his Cape Cod shirt


I actually did use a cup


More Patriots fans from New England