Patriots crush Bills at their house

by Dean Nicosia



Well the Patriots are starting to look like a powerhouse again even more so than the last three Super Bowl teams. They crushed an AFC foe, on the road, and set a record for first downs in the process. 

The Patriots scored 35 unanswered points, and gave up only 7 garbage points at the end. This Patriots team did all of this and saw Brady run for a TD, with a bad wheel. At the same time the defense held the self-proclaimed "best running back in the league" to under 10 yards rushing. Pretty amazing for a team that everyone seemed to give up on this year, outside of Patriots Nation.

The one down side is that it was Buffalo. I mean they normally give us fits in Buffalo, but this years version of the Bills appears to have given up. (That should make the fans happy) So one might say that this victory was not quite the victory that it may have seemed. 

But however you look at it, this was just a dominating win, one that I haven't seen in years. I think that Patriots Nation should have some serious reason for hope, and the rest of the league better remember who the reigning champs are, the team to beat if you want to win it all. Else they fall by the wayside in the same manner the Bills did this snowy Sunday.

This was our fourth year of Tailgating with our good friends from DC, Murphy's Patriots. Doug and the gang showed up in force and made this another memorable event. Make sure you go to their site and listen to the Audio Blog from the tailgate, you will hear Chowda talking about our little club and our big Tailgate. 

When the stands emptied out of Bills fans near the end of the game, you could see all of the 7 or so Thousand Patriots fans remaining behind and cheering on our team. It was like a mini Gillette in there at the end of the game as we walked through the halls, cheering with all of the other Patriots fans that came to this game.

I would like to thank all of you who joined us for our big tailgate. Murphy's Patriots were awesome as usual. Our fan club in Rochester had a nice showing, and they all pitched in to help host this event. Tom, John and Chris did all of the cooking, and Tom as the main organizer for this tailgate did quite a bit of work preparing as well. Floyd and Jim helped out quite a bit as usual, and the rest of the PatriotsNY fans brought things and pitched in. Thanks Chowda for helping us haul a bunch of the supplies for this fine event. 

For those of you from Boston, a Special thanks for joining us and making this tailgate the best yet. Please keep in touch and join us again next year if you can. Send in your pictures if you have them, and share your stories on the message board if you would. Thanks to Sandy for bringing 27 people from a tour bus to our tailgate, some of whom, like Sandy, actually work for the Patriots. Nathan who also works for the Patriots came up separately and also was very kind bringing us some programs from the Jets game. All of you from New England made those of us from outside New England feel very much a part of Patriots Nation on Sunday. 

There were also a few people from Ontario and a couple of people from Pittsburgh who also joined us. If you joined us from somewhere else, please drop us a line and let us know. 

All and all it was a great day to make new friends and cheer on our World Champion Patriots. I hope to see you all again next year!


God Bless and Go Patriots!!


[Check out the pictures from the tailgate]