PatriotsNY/Murphy's Tailgate '06

by Dean Nicosia



The Big Tailgate happened again this year and again we had a great time! From the first cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee at 8am shortly after arriving, until the last cooler was packed back into the van, we had an awesome time. 

We pulled right into the south parking lot at 8am just as they opened the gates. This year's new starting time of 8am meant none of the usual car lineup for an hour before the lot opens. We just pulled in and started setting up. The Murphy's club pulled in right behind us and the tailgate was on. We had 35 from Rochester and 35 from all over (mostly New England) that we fed, and the Murphy's had around 15-20 making this year's tailgate up around 100 Patriots fans strong.

That wasn't the end of it though as hundreds of Patriots fans pulled their tailgates up to ours making the South Parking lot the highest concentration of Patriots Tailgates anywhere outside of New England. Thanks to the Murphy's website and this web site, Patriots fans from all over googled "Patriots Tailgate in Buffalo" and came up with both of our sites, containing a map of the South Parking lot, the place to be to tailgate with Patriots fans.

We had Harpoon IPA, a great Boston Beer, and tons of food including the official PatriotsNY Chili. Click Here for the PatriotsNY tailgate chili recipe. We also fed the early birds coffee, breakfast sandwiches and Dunkin Donuts.

Everyone that joined us for the tailgate and all of the Patriots fans that stopped by to say "hi" were great! It was like a mini Gillette out there in the South Parking lot as well as the walk to and from the game. Being surrounded by Patriots fans at an away game is the coolest thing, especially for all of us Patriots fans who live outside of New England. It was a great time all the way around and I would just like to thank everyone who made it possible. 

I'll give my feeble attempt at remembering anything here and just name a few people, if I didn't mention you, stop by the message board and say hi. If you were there...Thanks!! 

Tom Pingree and his crew (Chris, James and Gary) did most of the lug work and cooking. They also bought about 80% of the tailgate items. Floyd (treasurer) bought the drinks and snacks on behalf of the club, thanks Floyd. Doug and all of the crew from Washington DC were great as always, it just wouldn't be the same without you guys. Go check out their podcast from the game

Jim Keenan brought over some guys with the famous "Hockey Stick" which served up shots of what tasted like cough syrup. Thanks guys for clearing my cold out, heh. Jim Brown provided the canopy which was needed this year more than ever, thanks Jim. Todd Walbridge was there and also provided us with all of the tables and a big cooler on wheels. He brought my Godson Dylon to his third game, and Dylon, by some quark of chance or fate is a HUGE Patriots fan just like his Godfather, go figure. (maybe next year we will see his sister Morgan at her first game, She is a Huge Patriots fan as well) Chowda picked me up and helped me lug all of said tables and a grill, thanks for letting me trash your van Chowda. 

There were so many more people there and people that helped make it such a nice time, like Jimmy and Frank Archecko, which no party should be without. I hope you guys that were there will stop by the message board and say hi, if you have pictures, email them or post one on the message board for all to see. And stay tuned for next year's tailgate. 

Here's to the Patriots!!



Go Patriots!!