16-0...3 more to go

by Dean Nicosia


What do you become next if you are already a dynasty?

This was the question posed by the New England guy on the NFL Network commercials featuring "Joe's Restaurant" that are so funny. 

It's a valid question though, because when I look back at this team from 2001 to 2006, they sure look like a dynasty to me. But now 2007 comes along, and low and behold, the regular season goes by without the Patriots losing a game.

 16-0 is their current record and today they start the real season, the post season. Of course the dynasty talk extending to this season only holds true if they go all the way undefeated, but I'm just pondering, what is after a dynasty?

It never seems to amaze me how good this organization is when you consider that all of their accomplishments have come post-salary cap, and in an age where the NFL is designed for "parity". They have racked up all kinds of team and personal records, and 3 Super Bowls in a 6 year span where the rest of the league has seen a whole bunch of turnover at the top. One team has remained on top, the Patriots and with the exception of the Colts and Steelers, in the last 6 years, there has been nothing but turnover in the ranks. 

So to even come close to having a dynasty in this era is incredible. Since 2001 they have won 3 championships, tons of regular season games including, not 1 but 2 record 18 game winning streaks, including the current streak of 19 which is alive until next year, and of course 16 in a single season, this year. They have also won more playoff games in that span than any other team, 12-2 since 2001 going into today's playoff game.

All that being said, if they take the next step tonight towards destiny and win, and they find a way to go all the way, they will take their place in NFL history at the top of the pack, the dynasty's dynasty, the best of the best. 

There must be a name for that, bigger than dynasty, but not being an English major, as you can see if you are still reading this slop, I'm not sure what that name is. 

I hate to even contemplate it right now with 3 very tough games to go. But you still have to look back on this regular season in wonder, how did this team do it? The perfect regular season was just accomplished by a team that was for so long the laughing stock of the league, in an era where the NFL has made the league a much harder place to stay on the top or bottom. 

I just can't believe it, it still hasn't really set in. As a kid, a teenager and a young adult, I've always dreamed of some fantasy world where my team would become a dynasty the likes of Dallas, Pittsburgh or San Francisco.  They would put up great numbers and they would be the best.

But never in my wildest dreams would I have dreamed up the reality of today, the undefeated season, 6 years into an already incredible dynasty, where even in the old days would be at the tail end of a typical dynasty life-span. And to do so in such record breaking fashion, with almost silly statistics. The kind of statistics I couldn't even reach when I would play football on the sega and stack the Patriots and get really good at the game. I would then look at my numbers for a season and say "if only the Patriots could really be that good", well folks they are even better.

So what is the name for it, beyond dynasty.

Let's think about that when and if the time comes, let's watch our team work their way through the playoffs and on to destiny.

It starts tonight against Jacksonville.

16-0...3 more to go!

God Bless and Go Patriots!!