18-0...1 more to go

by Dean Nicosia




Faulk has be a huge part of the offense this year, running and catching the ball.


Brady knows this routine, celebrate for a minute and get back to work 


Seau has a chance to win his first Super Bowl in a long career.

Kraft sure made the right choice picking this coach.

Here we are once again for the 4th time in 7 years, but this time it's all the more special, it's not just a Super Bowl, it's the biggest Super Bowl in terms of historical significance since the Dolphins in 1972.

The stakes are much higher then they were the previous 3, this Super Bowl is one for the ages. Sure a win will mean the continuation of a dynasty, the 4th win in 7 years, (only bettered by the Steelers of the 70's, winning 4 in 6 years) but it will be the perfect finish to a perfect season, 19-0, the best you can do with the current NFL schedule. 

It will be a one of a kind, and this team will be considered by many to be the best team of all time. (The rest, if any, who don't consider this team at least among the best of all time will be living in denial.)

The Patriots won the AFC Championship game in different fashion than they have won all year. They had a strong running game for the second week in a row, and they came up huge on defense, all the while having to overcome turnovers and mistakes by Tom Brady, who didn't have to be the hero on Championship Sunday.

Lawrence Maroney who has been coming on strong throughout the second half of the season had 122 yards rushing with a 4.9 average and a touchdown. He pounded it up the middle for first downs, and used his speed at times to break it into the secondary.

It was a running game that many said was missing from this team, and that combined with a strong defensive effort, another supposed weakness, won the game in the style that they say champions win in football. In the biggest game leading up to the Super Bowl,  the Patriots won with a running game and defense, making the legend of this team all the greater. 

With the biggest Super Bowl in history looming, and the Patriots field general, hurting and coming off his worst performance of the year, the fact that this team does have a running game and a great, although old defense, will serve them well going into this battle against the formidable Giants.

Don't get me wrong, we will need Tom Brady to work his magic in this game, and I have no trouble envisioning a huge day by our leader on the field, but having a running game and defense going in to this game is a comforting thought. 

At the end of the day, our dreams and hoped of the perfect season, of history that can never be broken only tied, and of continuing a dynasty that could keep rolling down the tracks, lies in the hands of the greatest coach of all times, and the team that follows him into battle. 

Belichick has 2 weeks to prepare a game plan for the Giants, and prepare his troops to do battle, and if history is any kind of barometer here, we as fans can rest assured that our team has as good of a shoot of making this happen as any in history.

So sit back and enjoy the ride to the Super Bowl, and all of the shows and stories that surround it, and when game time comes, fasten your seatbelts, grab a some snacks and drinks, and enjoy the big game.

 For our team has a chance to go 19-0, and be the best there ever was...

For now they are...

18-0...1 more to go!

God Bless and Go Patriots!!