Patriots in the White House

by Dean Nicosia 4/02/02

President Bush honors Patriots on Tuesday

 The Patriots were honored by President Bush on Tuesday, and my what an inspirational tone he set. This was not your average Super Bowl wining team visit to the White House. President Bush spoke of the character of the Patriots both on and off the field.  "They're not only a team with great heart and toughness, they're also a good group of guys" said Bush in his speech.

 He also talked about the way the team came out on the field as a team, and he talked about how they put team, over the individual. He drew comparisons to the way the country pulled together during this tough year, and mentioned how fitting it was that they won it all. You would think that he was a Patriots fan himself, the way he praised the team.

Drew Bledsoe flew from his home in Montana to meet the team for the event. He flew right back afterwards to stay out of the eye of the media. He does not want to comment on his situation with the team, and will not be in the off season programs for the first time in 9 years.

 Brian Cox, who signed with the Saints, did not wish to be a part of the festivities.  He is unhappy with the way he was treated by the Patriots, which will be the subject of my next "Slanted View". (Sneak preview...I'm not buying this round of Cox was nice when he was on our team aiming his guns elsewhere, but now I don't care to eat it.)

Overall it was a great day for the team, they finally had their day, they have their ring, and now they are gunning for another. Bush has proven to me that is a great leader, and I am proud that he is so happy with our team.