What's on Second 

3800 Dewey Ave.

Rochester, NY 14616



What's on Second was our home for 13 great seasons, and we sorely miss our home. They were in business for 23 years total, owned the whole time by John and Dorothy Wright, who were originally from New England and continue to be a part of this club to this day.  Unfortunately due to "progress" in the form of a new Wally World, What's on Second closed in April of 2007, to get out of the way of the bulldozers before a new football season started. 

We enjoyed our time at What's on Second, the place being more like a hometown Cheers, where everyone knew your name. You almost felt like you were in the home of the Wrights, with the Wright children Emily, Wendy, John, and Steve all working at one point or another at the family bar/restaurant. There was Boston sports paraphernalia everywhere and it just felt as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, or an old dog you've had for 10 years.  

The food and drinks were so reasonable for what you got. My favorite was the Bacon Burger, I think it was called the "third base". I won a few quick draw's there, and watched many a Red Sox game and nearly every Patriots game there for 13 years. I watched 13 NFL drafts there, watching this current dynasty being put together. We witnessed a Super Bowl loss in 1997, and saw our team win it's first Super Bowl, and then two more, all at What's on Second.

If you are in the neighborhood, visit us, wherever we may be at the time, just check the main site. I doubt we will find a home quite like What's on Second, but we will keep looking until we come close. At least we will stick together, as we always have, through thick and thin, just like it was at What's on Second.

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