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Imus is done, free speech to follow soon

                                        By Dean Nicosia

April 11,  2007

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not defending Don Imus for what he said, I don't even want to touch this subject, but it does involve two of my passions, sports and freedom. Besides, defending free speech should never be about defending only your viewpoints. 

If you care about free speech and freedom in general, and you take up the cause of defending her, then to be consistent, you should defend all speech and all freedoms.

A TV evangelist once said of pornography, "the day they outlaw it altogether is the day before they come and shut me down". Of course he doesn't want porn out there in front of kids or people who don't want to see it, but those adults who choose to look at it should have that right, lest they come for his sermons. He'll just try to warn them of the dangers and the evils of it, and let them make the choice.

If you don't want to see or hear something that's on TV or radio, change the station, and if you don't want to hear a sermon, leave the church. That's what freedom is all about. Of course on the public airwaves there are restrictions in place, by the FCC,  to help prevent kids from hearing adult content, but it's not outlawed. 

In the case of Don Imus, it's not even an FCC issue, he didn't swear or break any of the FCC restrictions. He offended some Black female college basketball players by calling them "nappy headed hoes" (sp?).  Not cool, and maybe not even funny to anyone, but to have him fired even after he apologizes is ludicrous. (no, I'm not talking about the rapper who's lyrics are about as demeaning to black women as you can get. He has a song called "hoe's in my room", listen to it sometime and tell me it's not degrading.) 

Change the station if you don't like Don Imus, or agree with his type of humor, tell people that he's offensive if you are really bored and don't have a life, but don't call for him to be fired. Let the free market fix that, or just realize that there are people in this free country that aren't worshiping what you represent, and they might actually find the guy funny.

Tell me that no Black girl has ever made fun of a "redneck" or "hippie" or a white boy with a mullet. ( I was made fun of for my mullet at times when I was young, so I know the answer to that one. But I was ok, after years of counseling and therapy)

We are all different, and we all have different customs and fashions, and sometimes we poke fun at each other. Why is it that there are certain groups out there that can't take the joke or fire one back, or just ignore it? (who listens to Don Imus anyway?). 

They have to get the ministers and non-profit groups out for the protests and the press conferences and they have to get a guy fired from his job??? (sounds like a thing Jesus would do, NOT) 

In an age where we have x-rated movies, shock jocks of all kinds, some crazy cult religions and rap music, all of which are defended under the constitution, yet all of which are offensive to someone, Don Imus should be able to make a thoughtless joke, a slip of the tongue, without having his livelihood taken away. 

Not just that but now some Black leaders are actually calling for "language control"? What the heck is that? 

It's very simple, the free market should take care of Don Imus this way; nobody listens to the show, sponsorship dries up, show is cancelled - End of story. We really don't need the government to shut it down, and we really don't need any kind of "language control"!

Please, I wish that our so-called civil rights leaders of today would either find God (for real) or just be honest with their motivations and intentions. Money and power are what drives these false profits and fake Reverends. 

Are you telling me that the Reverend Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton truly believe that if Jesus came back today, his biggest problem would be with Don Imus?

If Jesus were going to overlook the crime and corruption that exists in this country today and focus on offensive forms of entertainment and comedy, and somehow blame our social ills or racial injustices on that alone, I think he'd take a hard look at the Def Comedy Jam and Rap music before he'd ever consider Don Imus and his comments. (especially considering Imus' ratings)

Jessie and Al couldn't care less about fixing the problems that face African Americans today, because fixing them would put them out of work and leave them with nobody dependant on them. Besides fixing the problems which face African Americans with respect to crime and poverty would involve brutally honest conversations and challenges to the communities in which those conditions exist. And they don't have the guts to challenge anyone with the real word of God.

Don Imus is not a sign of any greater problems that exist in the country, period, and they know it.  

Please,  don't act like an elitist who cant' be made fun of. 

Next time someone offends you either fire back (let me help you here, Imus is a funny looking, one-lunged, wrinkled-up cowboy..see it's easy), ignore it, or let them know and give them a chance to apologize.  Especially when that someone is a comedy dude on the radio with a cowboy hat on, who you never listen to anyway!  And if you are going to claim to be a Christian, you HAVE to forgive him on God's terms and not your terms and conditions. (Pick up a Bible sometime)

I mean come on, that press conference with all of those girls and the sad faces was an amazing thing to see. Are you telling me that they are "stressed out" and that Don Imus "stole their moment of glory?" (Actually Tennessee did that by WINNING THE GAME)  I mean is that all it takes? Holy crap!  I was made fun of, lived in poor conditions at times in Brockport, NY and had all kinds of challenges growing up. That's life. 

Do you know what my preacher said to me about that? He said that you are going to have to learn how to deal with challenges of all types and how you deal with those challenges will define you and will be the answer to handling those challenges. He didn't call a press conference and try to get someone fired. 

If you can't handle someone making fun of you, grow up and deal with it. Don't try to get a guy fired, and don't mess with free speech and try to "control language". Last guy who was into controlling language and free speech was a bad guy, trust me, it didn't work out too good for a lot of people.

If you let a guy like Don Imus ruin one minute of your life then you are to blame for that. Don't let anyone get to you like that...sticks and stones may...but words will never!

Don Imus should have his job back, and if people want to listen and he sells some commercials, then so be it. I don't listen cause I don't find him funny, that's my choice. 

Turn the station and get on with your thin-skinned, teary-eyed life, please! 


...Thatís just My Slanted View!!