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I'll miss you Rocky

                                        By Dean Nicosia

May  2006

One of our own has passed on to the other side, and I plan on seeing her again, God willing that I can make it to where she made it to, Heaven.


Kathy Rock was a part of our little fan club and Patriots nation, but more over she was a wonderful human being who loved people and made people feel welcome and accepted. You know when you meet someone who makes you feel welcome in his or her world right away? Without having to jump through hoops to gain their acceptance. Well thatís how Kathy made me feel, when I first met her. She was a genuine and kind person who treated people better than they deserved, including myself.  She was someone that I could just be myself around, and not feel like I had to measure up in any superficial way.


I went on two trips with Ron and Kathy, once to Cleveland with Jim Brown and once with just Kathy and Ron to New England to see the new stadium the first year it opened. Both trips were so much fun, and it was just like traveling with family, even though I hadnít known her that long. Iíve known Ron for 13 years, he had the crazy idea to start this club, and I was crazy enough to go along with him. But I hadnít known Kathy that long and both trips were a great time and I felt so comfortable being around her.


I guess thatís how I tend to judge people, not by how much money they make, or what their status is in life, but how they make me feel when Iím around them. If I can be myself, and feel accepted and welcomed, then I tend to rank them pretty high. And in my short time knowing Kathy, I have to say that she ranks pretty high in my world, and I know in my heart that Heaven holds a special place for people like her.


You couldnít find a bigger Patriots fan, and someone who was more excited about the Patriots winning, especially that first super bowl in 2001. Kathy was at the club that night as many of you may remember, and she was just as excited as all of us that night, a night many of us Patriots fans feared we would never see in our lifetime. I remember being thankful of the people that were there to experience that moment with me, Kathy and Ron were two people that I remember thinking that I was so glad that I was with when the Patriots won their first super bowl, among the rest of you that were there.


I donít know a lot about Kathy Rock that I can tell you about her life, but I can tell you about my small experience with her, and just say that we all lost a friend the other day, and that I know I will miss this fall when the Patriots kick off their season.


I hope that you will pray for Kathyís family and for Ron Woodill, and I hope that you will consider a donation to the American Liver foundation in her memory, and when the Patriots win their next Super Bowl, remember that Kathy is watching and Iím sure celebrating with the other Patriots fans in Heaven.


God Bless and Go Patriots!


...Thatís just My Slanted View!!