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One year later...and a Day

By Dean Nicosia 


It's a year and a day since the tragedies of 9/11 and our country is healing well. Yesterday was a day to remember, and feel some pain again, so we never forget. It was also a day to show the world, and ourselves that we have and will continue to overcome the things which come against us as a nation. With prayer and determination the American way lives on. Yesterday came and went, and nothing bad happened, we have spoiled many plans of those who hate our country and way of life.  

 I watched the tributes and the memorials and the stories yesterday, and I felt many different feeling, but the biggest thing that I felt was a sense of pride in this great land. We got through this last year by helping each other, and coming together, and finding a way to move on, and continue a way of life that is the best in the world. As a nation, we fought back, and will continue to do so for as long as it takes to get to those who hurt us and those who wish to terrorize this great land even more.

Yesterday was a sad day for many, but for me it was a day to be proud, and to have faith in the things we hold dear, God and Country. I worked my job, glad to have one that I enjoy, and I listed to the tributes, and I came home and watched them on TV.  I was struck by the courage and strength of the American people, my people. We have overcome, and we have been moved to do our parts, each and everyone of us.

So I ask you not to forget, lets continue to make ourselves better. And as common folks, there are some very easy and simple things you can do in remembrance of those who lost their lives  just because they lived free, just because they were Americans. And let's not forget those who came before, to give up their lives to defend that freedom, and the way of life we call the American way. 

The first is just to simply find a way to help another. We all have something to offer, that someone else is lacking. A poor man can give a great gift to a rich man, the gift of friendship. Or maybe you have some extra time, once a month, to donate at a local charity.  Of course you could give money, or even your blood. Say a kind word, help out a stranger change his tire, help someone who you know can never pay you back. Just by doing some no-strings giving every once in a while, you will not only make a small difference in strengthening the fabric of our nation, but you will find some personal gains too.

The second is even easier, register to vote, and let your representatives know that they work for you. And make sure that they always put a high price on freedom. The American way is so great because it is one which is free. Whether together helping each other, or alone on the prairie, you make choices every day which people in other parts of the world will never be able to make. When we lose freedom, we lose our way, then our enemies will have won.  We the people, have the power to control our own destiny, and it starts with the vote, and an occasional letter from a registered voter.  The internet has made it easier to write that letter, and your voting place is just up the street.

The third is important, support the war effort. If we want to defend our freedom, and someone is attacking it, then we must be preemptive and take it to their turf. There are two major ways to defend yourself against international terrorism. One way is to let them in, and then strip everyone of rights, and lock everything down, and treat everyone as a suspect. While good security may stop the explosions, it still allows them to change our way of life, and infiltrate our way of thinking. The other way is to find them in their hole and smoke them out, and eliminate the threat.   Protect our doors, don't let them in, then find them at their house, and deal with them accordingly. When you do this you are allowed to continue on without worry, and without severely altering your way of doing things.  

There are other things you can do, but those are a few simple things you should start with. We can overcome anything, and hopefully we will be able to prevent as well as we overcome. This is the greatest country in the world and I am proud to be a part of it. Yesterday reminded me of that, and I hope the events of 9/11 and the lives lost will not be in vain, I hope that you will remember and do something, anything, to support this great land. 

God Bless America!!

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!