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The Elitists have Won


By Dean Nicosia 



The elitists are coming....the elitists are coming...

If Paul Revere were here today, he would be shouting it from the roof tops. And inevitably someone would silence him. The elitists that I speak of are the thought police who decide which subjects we can and can't speak about.  They are the political groups who can't take criticism, much less a joke, and they are the special interest groups who think that the groups which they represent are the center of the universe. 

Namely, the NAACP, the local liberal Democrats, the black "religious" leaders, and the liberal media, which caters to these groups.

The Paul Revere who was silenced is Bob Lonsberry.

Here in Rochester, we are not allowed to pick on our leaders or make jokes about them. If you are of a different political leaning, such as conservative, you have to watch what you say, or suffer the same fate as radio talk show host, Bob Lonsberry. (so much for free speech) 

The Comrades in charge here in Rochester don't like it when their failing policies are criticized, and so when the person speaking the truth slips, or leaves the door open, they pull the trigger and take him down.

We the people, can't speak of the incompetence of the Rochester Mayor's office. The murder rate in Rochester has climbed to the worst per capita murder rate in the nation. Businesses like Kodak and Xerox are moving their operations out of the area where they were born, and to areas where there is a business climate which allows them to be profitable again. Which simply put means Rochester is losing jobs like crazy, so kids coming out of our great universities are not staying here, they are leaving with the jobs. The downtown High Falls project, which the Mayor has staked his reputation on, is a huge flop with a capital F. The housing values in Rochester are falling like rocks. And this paragraph would be 100 pages long if I were to go on listing Rochester's problems which have worsened since Comrade Johnson came into office.

We the people, can't speak about how the local black "religious" leaders in Rochester spend all of their time and energy telling the people in their congregations what they want to hear, as opposed to the truth, in an attempt to beef up the collection plates, and insure their jobs for a long time to come. These black leaders don't get enraged when blacks kill blacks, and when blacks neglect their kids for drugs, or when every one of the Ten Commandments are broken within one block of the church. They do get worked up when a white, republican, radio guy cracks a joke that they find offensive. They get the guy fired, after 9 years of loyal service. 

Sounds elitist to me, because the last time I hung out with my friends, my friends called me worse, and I was able to take the joke. I didn't snap my fingers and have them executed in the manor in which a King would. And I didn't even try to get them fired, and take their livelihood away. We, the common working class people, bust each others chops all the time, its no big deal. 

We don't have the NAACP,  so-called Pastors, and the media on our side to run to our aid, and bust some heads, every time we are called something we don't like.

For those of you from outside the area, we have a talk show host on the local Clear Channel radio station WHAM 1180, whose name is Bob Lonsberry. Bob is a conservative minded guy with values and morals. He also likes to joke around and poke fun of the local leaders using satire. 

He at times has made jokes that people have found offensive, like those of a sexual nature, but no one called for his job...

At times he has put down callers, but they either could take a joke, or they hung up. No one called for his job...

People either loved him and listened, or hated him, and listened. No one called for his job...

But two weeks ago he made a grave mistake. He poked fun at our mayor, who is running for county executive, and who happens to be black. All of the above mentioned elitists jumped at their chance to get back at a guy who has exposed them for what they are, frauds. He has done such a good job of exposing them, and done it in such a highly entertaining fashion, that he has become the most popular guy on the airwaves this area has seen. 

At the same time, he has gotten so far under the skin of these frauds, that they have been waiting for the day that they could shut him up. 

They then called for his job...

It was a joke about monkeys, said off the cuff. Whether it was in good taste or not, is not the point, it was said in an attempt to be funny, not to divide or hurt. They know it, and we know it, but it was the opening they have been waiting for. Until now, Bob has been untouchable, he has spoken from his heart, without giving them any ammo. The ammo they finally stumbled across came in the form of a goofy joke. And they were happy to load their guns with that week piece of ammo, and take him out.

At the end of the day, Bob was fired not because of some stupid joke. He was fired because this great land is becoming less like America, and more like communist Russia, or Nazi Germany. We have leaders who hide behind their race, and continue to screw up a once great city, but don't want us to talk about it. Bob has been exposing them, and sooner or later, they were going to shut him up. It wasn't about the monkeys at the zoo comment.

The elitists have won, they silenced Bob, and in doing so, they silenced the voice of the people...

For now...

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!

God Bless America!!