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Our latest Super Bowl...

By Dean Nicosia

January 2005

The big game is coming, the big rematch, and I have to really think about this one before I think about who I think is going to win this one...

  As a Patriots fan, I want our team to keep winning and winning, I'll never get sick of seeing them holding up a Super Bowl trophy. I'll never get sick of seeing them winning, and seeing them play a few extra games at the end of every year. I really want them to win this week, and go on to win another Super Bowl, because I want them to become a dynasty. I want them to become a dynasty because I think that in this day and age, void of dynasties, it would be great to not only have my team as the first dynasty in a while but also to do so by being smarter better and by having more character than the other teams in the NFL. They have rewarded good conduct, high character and dedication to studying. The Patriots have the highest number of college grads in the NFL, and the least number of criminals. I like that not only as a Patriots fan, but also as a guy who thinks good character is cool. 

Winning the game though, is another thing, beating the best passing team, with an injury riddled secondary, is a tough task. 

This game is our latest Super Bowl, if we beat the Colts, we can beat anyone, anywhere. This game is also the Colts Super Bowl, we are the only team to stop this version of the Colts, and Manning from going on to win a Super Bowl. Both teams know what this game means, both teams know each other, both teams have a ton of talent. Which way will it go?

As I listen to the national sports media, and the Patriots media, I am hearing every possible outcome to this game, and it's leaving me confused. There are tons of arguments why either team could win this game. We have multiple injuries on defense, with injuries to Ty Law, Tyrone Poole, and Richard Seymour. Also there is an injury to Kevin Faulk. But there is also the fact that the Colts D is not very good against Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. You also have the fact that the game is being played in New England, outside, in cold weather. The Patriots are also known as of late, through two Super Bowl wins, for dealing with key injuries better than any team in the league. The Patriots coaching staff, in particular Belichick, will go down as one of the best ever, in my book. Bill Belichick is a great NFL coach, and one of the smartest ever. He's great at every part of the job, including dealing with injuries. 

So this game seems to be a toss could go either way. 

The Colts have given the Patriots much more locker room material. They have an idiot kicker who is quoted as saying "the Patriots are ripe for the picking". And they have t-shirts already printed, showing them as the AFC champions. We all remember when the Steelers had their travel plans for the Super Bowl in the 2001 season, and the Patriots beat them and sent them home to unpack those bags. That year the Steelers were thought of as the "better team". So the Patriots have more to get motivated about and they have home field. But the Colts are the best offensive team in along time, if not ever.

Which way will it go?

Peyton Manning is a class act, and one of the best QB's ever, but he can't beat our Patriots to date, he has a lot to play for. The Patriots have a dynasty tag on the line, and they are still trying to take their place in history, as the national sports media is still reluctant to acknowledge their accomplishments.   

Which way will it go?

I have to fall back on faith. This game could go either way, but I have faith in my team. This team, this coach and this QB, is a team of destiny. You will see NFL films years later, speaking of the dynasty of the New England Patriots. I have faith that this team, who is ripe to become a dynasty, to continue to build their place in history as a great NFL franchise. I have faith that the Patriots will coach better, throw better, run better and defend better. I know they will have a better kicking game, with Vinatieri shining as a kicker and as a person person, far above Vanderjerk.

So it comes down to my opinion, as a Patriots fan, who has been watching this team my whole life, through good times and bad. I think that this version of the Patriots is the best ever, with tons of potential to get even better. They are hurt right now, but they can pull through this and shine on. 

That's what I think... but,

...Thatís just My Slanted View!!