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The Patriots are back in the big soon!!

By Dean Nicosia  




The Patriots have brought us to the dance again...

The Patriots have made it again to the big show. Two years removed from winning their first superbowl ever, and  they are back with a good chance to win it again. 

It was just a pipe dream when I was 15 years old, and the Patriots appeared in their first superbowl in 1985. I remember every playoff game like it was yesterday.  I would go to school on Monday and talk it over with the other football fans I knew, and proudly talked of my once dismal Patriots, and how they were on their way to big things. And when the Patriots beat Miami in the Championship game in the Orange bowl, I was dreaming of grand things. 

I thought that my team had finally made it...

I had started watching the Patriots for the same reason that most kids in New England did, because my Dad watched them. In 1977 my family moved to Upstate New York when I was only 7, and I was like a fish out of water. I had the funny accent, I missed the Ocean and was unimpressed by the "Great" lake, and I knew nobody but my cousins who we moved next to. 

And I was  a Patriots fan...

Up here in Bills country, you followed the Bills, or a great team like the Cowboys, you didn't follow the Patriots without a laugh. 

But I stuck by them and there they were, on the cusp of winning the big game and becoming the best team in football. What a pipe dream for a 15 year old kid who had followed the Patriots since he was a wee lad in New England. 

When we moved to Rochester, the first thing I worked on was learning how to say the "R" so that cah sounded like car. The second method of adjusting was learning to appreciate what the area had to offer, like the lake and the canal, even though it didn't' compare to the Ocean. But the Patriots were not to be replaced, nor were any of my Boston teams.

This was solidified when I was 9, two years after we moved here and my father passed away suddenly of a heart attack. The torch was lit and carried by me of all the things that he held dear. Mainly the Patriots, along with other things.

So 1985 was a big year, and a big pipe dream. They not only lost the superbowl, but it was an embarrassing mockery of the Patriots and football in general by the Bears of 1985. I would learn to love watching the Patriots beat the Bears in the subsequent years because of the hatred I had developed for the bears because of that game, that "super" bowl. 

When we started this club in 1993 it was like a dream come true, finally I found some other tortured souls that were just like me. Patriots fans displaced from the place where they had once called home, in a strange land, rooting for their team. 

My reasons for being a Patriots fan went no deeper than the pride I had in the team that I got from my Dad, and my wish to see him smile from heaven. I was from New England, and I love the colors and the players, but my support for the Patriots went so much deeper than that. 

So to start a club of people that supported that same team was like a dream come true for me. I didn't care that in 1992 they had gone 2-14 and had chewed through 4 starting QBs ending with the last game of the year where the Patriots picked up QB Jeff Carlson one week before the last game against Miami, and almost beat them I might add. (I have that game on tape)

It was just nice to have a place (What's on Second) to go to watch the game with other Patriots fans in a Boston bar right here in Upstate NY. I was happy with that alone. 

But in 1996 the Patriots made it back to the Superbowl, and another pipe dream ended in a heart break. But at least that team made a game of it, and brought some respect to the Patriots nation. 

In 2001 the Patriots finally did what many teams still haven't done, they won the Superbowl and became the best team in football. Going back to when I was seven, living in New England, and when I was 15 living in NY going to high school, and going back to all of the dismal seasons that I suffered through, this was a big win.  

And the biggest part was that I was able to enjoy that win with other people who knew how I felt, and who love the Patriots as much as myself. In a Patriots Fan Club that I had help to start and that I was currently running. That was a great day, and a great feeling. 

Now the Patriots have the chance to win a second one, and to do so in a three year span. They have a chance to once again be the best team in football and to even start a mini-dynasty. And I have another chance to watch this happen with those same friends, and the same club that is even stronger today, oh what a day I hope it will be.

And to make it even better, I will have my Godson Dylon (9) and his little sister Morgan (6) there with me to help me cheer them on. Their parents who are Cowboys fans, and who are like my family are brining them down, and we will all cheer on those Patriots together. Dylon and Morgan are Patriots fans (from what I hear, because of me) and they are the next generation to be cheering for the Pats. 

My hope and dream is that the Patriots win this game, so that all of us New England fans who have stuck by our team through thick and thin can enjoy what it feels like to root for a great team, and the little ones who are rooting will be inspired to keep that tradition going for years to come. 

The Patriots have brought us to the Dance again...

Let's see what happens!!

Go Patriots and God Bless!!

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!

God Bless America!!