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War....Like it or not!

By Dean Nicosia 


The fun thing about being a fan of Boston and New England sports is that most of the team names are cool, but in the case of "The Patriots" it's downright Patriotic. It's a team that you can believe in the mascot, a mascot that means something to us. That Patriotism is being put to test right now, our resolve to remain a free nation is being questioned by those who hate war so much that they would rather surrender and give up their rights over ever engaging in one. 

 Nobody likes death, and especially when it comes to those in the military who have the task of executing a war, nobody likes war. But sometimes it is a necessary evil, just ask the original Patriots who forged this nation, and bought our freedom from England with their blood. If able, they would tell us how necessary it can be sometimes, as nasty as it is. They gave up wealth, land and homes which they had built with blood, sweat and tears. They, in some cases, gave up their families and eventually their lives. These were people of all economic standings, some of whom had much to lose, and lose they did. 

 The Patriots did this while engaging in a rough and bloody war, inviting violence and destruction into their new country. They did this after much hesitation, and with a heavy heart, but they did it because it was necessary, the only way to buy their freedom as a nation, and free themselves from the tyranny of England.  It was a journey where they set out to forge a new nation based on freedom of individuality, free trade, individual rights, and land ownership. They felt that this was the only way to be happy in life. Whether rich or poor, with families or single, healthy or sick. They felt that if you could control your own destiny, and have the hope that someday you might be able to build a good life, and live it the way you choose, that you might live a better life then that of a life which is controlled by another.

 We now face one of those crossroads where it seems that it may be necessary to engage in the horrific act of war to protect the freedom which we hold dear. And to prevent future attacks on our people which we saw on September 11, 2001. This is the time to decide, and the time to act, or face a future of uncertainty. We can attack them in their domain, and foil their plans against our people, or we can let them be, and give up our own individual freedom trying to catch them in our domain. It's a crossroads and we must decide which way we will go.  

 Ultimately this is America, your right to protest a war, or worship a rock is protected by the constitution. We must not forget this. I, in my humble opinion, think that the Bush administration is right on, and I am proud to have him as a president.  Ridding the world of the evil which lies in Iraq seems like a good thing to me. But we must remember that it is the freedom which was paid for with the blood of Patriots, that allows the voice of the protesters. I don't agree with this  anti-war sentiment, I think that they are way off base. I sometimes wonder if they aren't shaming the Men who died to buy us this freedom which we enjoy. But even if their position shames them, and disrespects the blood they spilled to buy that freedom, it is their right to take that position, that makes the country of the United States of America so great. It is the freedom to protest war, which was bought by those who fought the wars which they would protest today, that must be protected just as much as any other freedom. 

 So take your position, make up your mind, and express your views, which ever side they fall on. But the one thing that I ask you to do is, if we do go to war, please support the troops. They don't want to be there anymore than you want them to be there, but they are the real Patriots of today, and they answer the call of their country. Which ever side of the war debate you fall on you should support your fellow Americans who are braver than most of us, and are willing to do our dirty work when ever duty calls. 

 I support the war effort, I don't like war, but I like terrorism and chemicals in my cereal much less, and so I feel that this is the only way to protect ourselves against this new threat. And I am angered by the rhetoric of the anti-war protesters. They want peace, but they don't want to pay for it, and when someone buys them the right to march for peace, they spit in their face.  I will support their right to have an opinion and express it. That's what makes this country great. So I support president Bush, in his effort to protect our freedom.  You may feel different, but please  support the troops and remember that we are all brothers and sisters. God Bless America and Go Patriots!!

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!