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State Vodka

                                        By Dean Nicosia

January 13, 2009

Whereís my state issued Vodka coupon from the government? 

I mean why not, the government is in the business of giving everything else away, why not my free vodka? I canít turn on the television without a commercial that I paid for with my tax dollars, telling people how to get free stuff that I pay for with my tax dollars.

So I figure if I work so hard and pay so much in taxes, when I get home to pour myself a beer, why shouldnít Uncle Sam pay for it?

And while Iím at it, forget the beer; letís go straight to Vodka, because Iím going to need a much stiffer drink to wash away the pain of losing my freedom and my once great nation.

If the founding fathers were here today, they would set sail to the west in search of a new land to call their own. Unfortunately someone would have to show them a globe and let them know that the whole planet has been discovered and that thereís no free land left. You tell them, I donít want to have to be the one. But after a few nights of drinking in the old English pub and some late night talks, the founding fathers would then come up with a plan to set sail for the moon.

This place which they called home, and their dream, which turned into America, is slowly being given away, one dollar at a time and one freedom at a time. And it's all in the name of making America greater. 

You see some people think that the greatness of America is in the stuff, that the meaning of life is in having things and jobs and good health care. And while all of that is great and what we work and fight so hard for, the real greatness of America is the individualís ability to work and fight for those things. It's in the opportunity and the dream that we find the greatness of America. The real meaning of life is to be free. Free to dream of one day having the things that the government is trying to pass out. 

Once you pass out the government version of healthcare, jobs and stuff, including a converter box for the TV weíll have nothing left to work for. And we just might not like the governmentís version of things on top of it all. We like to do things for ourselves and have things our way, like at McDonalds, but when the government is done, we wonít be able to afford the obesity (fat) taxes on the stuff at McDonalds. Youíll get the salad cause thatís what you were told to get and youíll have it the Governmentís way.

And there will be nothing left to work or fight for. Youíll work the minimum it takes to get by, and youíll go home to the same amount of stuff that everyone else has. And life will be meaningless, and void of hope and dreams. The true greatness of America will be gone, and the meaning of life will be lost here in the former land of the free.

Thatís when I start drinking the hard stuff, and you know that stuff is expensive, so whereís my government coupon for my Vodka? Itís only fair; your grandma got the converter box, my neighbors get checks and food stamps and the bank up the street got a bailout, so whereís my Vodka?

Hey if you canít beat Ďem, join Ďem, and if I have to join the commies, I need to be drunk the whole time. Vodka appears to be the drink of choice over there in those red countries so I'll drink the same, and I want the government to pay for it.

Maybe it wonít have to come to that, maybe Americans will start waking up and acting like Americans. And they can start by turning down the next handout, program or converter box thatís shoved in their face by the government. Save your money, go to the store, and get one better than the government is offering, and tell the government to buzz off.

That or the free bottom-shelf Vodka, whatís it going to be?

That's just my slanted view. 

God Bless and Go Patriots!