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    By Dean Nicosia


Time stands still for no one. It ticks away, stealing one breath at a time, leaving in it's wake waves of memories, which grow smaller and fainter the further they get behind you. We pass each other like ships on the waters of time, some of us managing to stick together, the rest floating away, like the places and events that become specks on the horizon, so far behind us, drifting further away.

Time is a glacier, moving  just as slow, yet with all of the magnificent force. Nothing can stop it, speed it up, or slow it down. It is the one thing that we can't control at all. It's more certain than death and taxes, it's the conductor that causes those things to happen, like "clockwork". Once a year comes the taxes, and once a lifetime comes death, all made possible by Time.

Time is so real to each and every one of us, yet time is a concept that eludes us. A ninety year old man with a clear mind and good memory, will tell you that he remembers being 14 years old just as well as the day he retired at 65. They are both just memories in his head, and they are both so real, yet so far away, one not seeming any further away than the other. Looking back on his life, he realizes that it was just a snapshot, a moment that came and went like it never really happened. Clear pictures, yet faded memories. 

Time heals all of our wounds, and it steals all of our passions. It makes our dreams come true, and makes those dreams slowly fade away into a distant memory.  It gives and it takes, with no regard to who you are. It grows us up, makes us stronger, and then tears us down, and makes us weak once again. 

Time doesn't discriminate, or have any feelings. The sun comes up, and the sun goes down, on good days and bad. The times, events and people that we hate fade away just the same as those which we love. 

Time won't let you move any faster past an unpleasant moment and it won't let you hang on to a moment that fills you with joy. Try as you may to grab on to something solid, to hang on to one that you love or a place that you enjoy, and you will be ripped away by the tides of time as sure as can be. And try just as hard to move faster through a time of trouble, and the time will hold it's course, not matter how hard you try. It is as sure as gravity, and as true as the rotation of the earth. It moves at it's own speed, and stops for no one.

Time is a wonderful thing, and a damned curse, all at the same time. Time is sometimes your best friend, and at other times it's your worst enemy, like a thief in the night. Time will heal you, hurt you, steal from you , and give you great gifts. We have one life, and that life is stolen away slowly and surely by time. It's trickery is both obvious and subtle. It's so clear to see what it does to you, yet it's so hard to tell sometimes. Our blinders and vices make us numb to the effects of time. We occasionally morn the effects of time, and other times we may be filled with happiness at the good things that time may bring. The rest of the time we float along, not realizing how far we have gone or how fast we are going.

Time is both celebrated, and bemoaned. On great occasions which have been filled with anticipation, it is treated like a king, and yet in songs of the old and the downtrodden, it is cursed. Time is your savior, and time will some day be your reaper.

Time has no enemy, time has no cure, time has not way back. All you have is now. The future is uncertain, and the past is just a memory, that is the true gem and yet the true curse of time. 

Can anything transcend time?

Time may be permeated by true love, or by God, but it may not be either, there just is really no telling right now. Only time will tell...

I'd like to think that God, and love can transcend time. I'd like to think that time won't be the end of us, that we don't end up floating out to sea by ourselves, drifting off into the unknown. I'd like to think that time won't have the last laugh, like a malicious villain, but that time may end up being a friend, or at least surrendering itself to a higher power. 

I'd like to think that the people who I love so much will always be a part of my life, I'd like to think that even if time steals them from me, or me from them, that I will see them once again, in a place that knows no time.

That's what I'd like to think. 

But Time will do it's thing, and we won't know what will happen, until time let's us know. 

So live each moment, and live with no regrets. Learn from the past, and become who you want to be. Love those who you can, as much as you can, and stay away from your enemies. Hold on to the memories which make you feel good, and for those who you have loved and are no longer with you, never forget them, keep them in your heart. Stop and listen to a song that reminds you of a time you once called now. A smell or a sight can also trigger a memory, don't live in the memory, but don't forget it either. 

Try to find God on your own terms, and in that you will find a foundation which just may go deeper than time. And most of all, make the most of the only time which you can really control, right now. 

Until the next time we meet, God Bless and Go Patriots!!

...Thatís just my slanted view!