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Training Camp

By Dean Nicosia

July 2004

It's time once again for football training camps to open up across this great land. America's new favorite pastime, second on a Sunday only to God, is about to kick off for the summer training. I love football, so much so that I will even plan a visit to our local training camp of the rival Buffalo Bills, at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. From the first scrimmage in camp right through the Super Bowl, it's the best season of the year for me. Which brings us to the part in the show where we try to predict the record of our beloved Patriots.


Record: 12-4

Rank: 1st in the AFC East

Thoughts on the season: I believe that what we have seen with the emergence of QB Tom Brady, and his  prowess on the football field, combined with the coaching genius of Bill Belichick, is nothing short of legendary. There was a thinking after the first Super Bowl win, that what we had witnessed was nothing more than a miracle, and a one hit wonder. When Bledsoe was traded to our rival Bills there were many Patriot fans who questioned the decision making abilities of the Coach. In the second run to the Super Bowl there were many critics after the opening game whooping we experienced at the hands of the Bills, who now had our former starting QB and our former star safety. Those critic were silenced following a 14 game winning streak on the way to a spectacular Super Bowl victory, the second of the like in 3 years. They now take that track record of success and add to it a formidable running threat, and younger, stronger D-line, making them my number one pick to win the Super Bowl again this year. The one question mark is going to be the offensive line who lost Woody, but didn't seem to need him throughout the playoffs and Super Bowl, not allowing any sacks on Brady. If they have trouble jelling, it could lead to a slow start, but I have confidence in Belichick's ability to fix any early season 0-line troubles and get us back on track for the rest of the season. 


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