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The Patriots are 18-0 and I'm trying to take in the moment...U2?

                                        By Dean Nicosia

February 1,  2008

I haven't had time to take all of this in. 

Sure I've watched some of the sports shows and listened to sports radio and read a bit here and there in the paper, but I really haven't digested what's going on. 

What is going on is that our team is about to play a game where they will either come out the victor and be regarded the best team of all time, with the undefeated record to back it up, or they will suffer their worst loss in the history of the franchise. 

That's big, really big. (even bigger than that annoying car dealer) I mean can you imagine just how sweet or just how bitter this game is going to be?

I haven't had time to even think about it, I've been too busy to contemplate all of the possibilities. Actually there really are only two possibilities. One is a victory like none other in NFL history, to cap off a perfect season, and their fourth Super Bowl in 7 years. The other possibility is our team is going suffer the worst loss ever in the history of the NFL.  (I'll take the first option if you're taking orders)

So that's it, in two days our team will either reach the top of the tallest peak in the world, or fall all the way to the bottom - no staying still, no going back.

So with two days to go, on a Friday night at about 11:30, I've just been perusing the web with Sam Adams in hand, taking as much of it in as I can.   

There is the Patriots Official site of course, and tons of You Tube video tributes to look at. There's plenty of sports shows on my Tivo with all of the hype leading up to the big game. And there's a walk down memory lane of past Patriots Super Bowl wins. All of these things are helping me take in this moment.

That and my Sam Adams, while listening to my favorite group from high school, U2. 

That's one thing I picked up on tonight while watching some of media day on my Tivo, when Tom Brady was asked what his favorite band was, the answer was, yes you guessed it, U2. 

My favorite QB ever (sorry Steve, he just barely beats you out) on my favorite football team since birth (up in Lawrence Mass) has the same favorite band as me, U2, whom I've been a fan of since 1983. Now that's wicked cool.

This moment right now is a good one, no matter how this game turns out two days from now.  Great or horrible, whichever the outcome of the big game, I want to enjoy a couple of days leading up to it, see the sights, taste the flavor. 

You too should take a moment and breath in the air of 18-0 and enjoy some of the videos and stories surrounding our great team. 

I'm hoping that on this Sunday Bloody Sunday, the Patriots will once again find just what they are looking for, through intense desire and team pride, while Belichick works in mysterious ways, to make it a beautiful day! 

That would be the "Sweetest Thing".

That or it's going to suck really bad...

But for now, I'm going to enjoy the fact that my team is still perfect, and hated by most other teams and their fans. (jealous) And I'm going to try to take some of this in.

Until now I just haven't had time to take it all in...U2?

God Bless and Go Patriots!


...Thatís just My Slanted View!!