A Response from Tim, the Arizona Pats fan

By Tim



My reply to Dean ...  


Hi Dean ...

Hey - it's great to hear from you - and great to hear another viewpoint.   I realize that Drew actually is "just another player", and players come and go, and the teams move on.

My reference to dark days, however, are driven by the thoughts of losing - not necessarily Drew (but he IS the player in this subject) - but of losing (purposely casting off) any player of this caliber.   I liken it to the Celtics trading Larry Bird.

When a team has a player of this caliber, purposely sending him off to another team would be a mistake.    When Tom goes down, and he is going to at some point  ( ... and you referenced other teams having a QB go down in the pre-season increasing Drew's value - But what if it's the PATRIOTS which have their starter (Tom) go down in preseason ... and they traded Drew - where will the Patriots be then???)  -- having a QB to step in and take over who is of both Tom's &  Drew's experience and caliber, would be a huge asset to the team.    Where would the Patriots be if Tom goes down and Drew is gone ... OR: if Drew is the starter and he goes down again?  Huard ?  Give me a break - I don't think so!   If Huard is in charge for a stretch of games, the Patriots season is over.

I feel like the team has two really super QB's - they are in a really envious position (how many OTHER teams in the NFL would LOVE to be in the Patriots position right now ??) - a position which gives them a big advantage over all 31 of the other teams.   Why in the world would mgmnt even consider letting either one of them go?   And, I know the cash is going to be an issue - but I find it really hard to believe that it would be a "problem".   

The ideal situation is having both QB's go into training camp, with full knowledge that the starting job is up for grabs - "Hey guys, go out there and earn it" ... with full knowledge beforehand that the loser is the back-up, regardless of which one it is - and if you don't like that, too bad.

So, Dean, that about sums up why I feel the way I do about letting Drew go.   I really believe in my soul that it would be a huge mistake - and one that will come back to haunt them.   Not so much in that Drew himself as QB of an opposing team would hurt them - but in the prospect of not having a quality QB to step in and take over when Tom goes down.

Take care ....  Go Patriots!   Looking ahead to a fabulous '02 season !!

...   Tim

...Thatís just Tim's slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!