Patriots, U2...I'm a happy guy!

By Dean Nicosia

    Wow, I can't believe the Patriots made it this far! Here we are, the week of the SuperBowl, and our team is one of the two teams left holding the press conferences. This fate seemed almost eerily clear to me earlier this season when I heard that the NFL had signed my favorite group, U2 to be the half-time entertainment. I've been enjoying the music of U2 since 1983, when I was 13 and first getting into Rock-n-Roll. And since I was a baby, my Dad and brother have been cheering on the Patriots, getting me to cheer along, back when we lived in Mass.

    The music of U2 has always hit a heartstring with me, rocking on to ideas of God, Country, and brotherly love. Giving tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and Jesus among other great men whom they hold up in high esteem.  They sing about the cause of Freedom, and those who have given their lives to obtain it for others. And they sing about forgiveness and new beginnings. When I was 13 years old, really getting into the sound of rock-n-roll, they had a sound that jumped out to me. And as I learned more about the four boys from the same high school in Ireland who answered an add on the bulletin board placed there by the drummer, I grew to like them even more. 

   I learned about the struggles they had between Christianity and secular life, and of finding the balance. I learned of the War torn lives which they had grown up in being from the poor side of Dublin. I read about the tragedies they had been through, and the success which they had earned through their hard work, and I became a fan for life. I saw them in Buffalo last year, and they put on a class show. 

  The Patriots became even dearer to me when at the age of 7 my family moved from North Andover Mass. to Rochester, NY. They set me apart from the other kids at school, with my Patriots sweatshirts and funny accent. (I learned at a young age how to use the R, whereby stopping the other kids from making me say "pahk the cah in the yahd" for hours on end.) When I was nine, my Dad (big Pats fan) died of a heart attack, and I carried the torch even prouder from that point on.  It seemed at times when I was a teenager, that it was just my Brother and I rooting for the Patriots, in a sea of Bills fans. But in 1993 I ventured down to a local sports bar and found the Patriots playing on a small TV in the corner. I was just happy that they were on at all (All you could get around Rochester in the early 90's was Buffalo!) But I also found something even better that day, three other Patriots fans. The first year of the club, four members strong! Ron Woodill, Pat Stuhlimiller, Jim Meuller, and Dean Nicosia (me) made up that group the first year. (with appearances from Carson Clement)

  The next year we found our current home at "What's on Second" and grew to 20 members, the rest is history. We now have 40 member, and I have gained many friends out of the deal.

The Patriots and U2 are playing this Sunday, and I couldn't think of a better place to be than at "What's on Second" (my Sunday home) watching the whole thing on big screen TV!! 

...I'm a happy guy

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!