A Letter from an Arizona Pats fan

By Dean Nicosia


    I'm on an email mailing list for the Arizona fan club, at least I think I still am. They have been swapping emails that go to the whole Arizona fan club, talking about the Drew situation. There are a lot of opinions about it, and lot's of emotion. Well here is one such letter, and below it is my response, which I sent out to the whole Arizona fan club....

<letter from Tim>


AND !!!    For a measly # 1 and two # 2's !!! ??? !!!  

That's it ???     That's all ???    What the hell is the matter with these people ??

Drew is worth WAY more than that !   What a steal for ANY team!   This is beginning to sound like Patriots mgmnt is just looking for any way at all they can to unload Drew!

I said before - I'll say again ... trading Drew to ANY team is going to be a HUGE mistake ... Trading Drew will come back to haunt this team ...  ESPECIALLY if they were dumb enough to swap within their own division!   The Babe Ruth comparison is a Bullseye ...

Again - the day they trade Drew will be one of the darkest days in the history of the team.    Everyone has to know that Tom is going to go "down" one of these days ... he IS going to get injured - having a Drew as a backup will be the savior ... or - if Drew becomes the starter, and gets hurt again - ditto!

I just don't understand why mgmnt can't see this - it's as plain as day - trading Drew will be really STUPID STUPID STUPID ............  I can't believe that they would actually seriously talk to anyone!


That was from a fan named Tim, and I appreciate his emotion, you may agree with him. But I offered this viewpoint...

Hello from the President of the Patriots Fan Club of Rochester, NY...

Might I offer an opposing view? First of all, it's all just talk right now, we may see Drew back next year, I really believe that they will hold out for the best deal or keep him. Don't judge the team based on rumors. Besides, do you really believe that keeping Drew as a backup is a feasible one? Do you really think that he would be a happy camper here? I think he deserves more than that.

Second, the darkest day in the history of the Patriots was the day we almost lost the team to another city. I've watched this team my whole life, and have been happy just to see them on local TV here. I would watch them lose the last game of the year, during a losing season, and be happy to see every snap. That was MY team there on TV, and there weren't many of us Pats fans around here. Today there are 50 or so of us here in Rochester, and we have been meeting for 9 years, just happy to have a place to watch every game! Now we are the CHAMPS, and that lasts until next superbowl. And the trophy stays forever. The team is now secure in NE, with a brand new stadium about to open. How sweet it is...

 Please don't think me a jerk, I mean this in a nice way, but How are you going to talk about the darkest day in the history of the Patriots, cause we lose a player?  This team, this game, is bigger than that. Granted, Drew may have saved this team from that move that I so feared. (IF the Pats had moved, it would have truly been a dark day.) And for all that he has done for this team, I am very proud of him. But he is a player, and the team will live on. I will ALWAYS be a happy fan when I see my team colors on TV, win or lose, Brady or Bledsoe...or Hugh Millen for that matter.

I want him to stay, don't get me wrong, but Babe Ruth? There is no comparison. This sport is different. One SuperBowl win is everything, there are many teams that don't have one, and may never (Buffalo). And we have one now, with the help of Drew! If he does have to go then I think that the team will be OK.

Drew has saved the team and helped us to that elusive SB win, but if they day comes, you need to let him go... 

I could be wrong, but that's just my slanted view....


Well, I hope nobody took offense, cause that's just MY view, what do you think?

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!