The Penfield Chiefs

By Dean Nicosia

     Without getting too political (liar), I would like to bring up our new local "Patriots", the "Penfield Patriots". I Love the fact that we now have a local school district with the Patriots name, but politically I was opposed to the change in the first place. I think that we live in a world now that is so concerned with being PC(no...not personal computer, but politically correct) that they put no thought into what they are doing in the first place.

If you take the name of the Penfield team as it was, "The Chiefs", you find a name that is very respectful of Native American people. The Chief was a leader and a Warrior, and the mascot was that of a Chief with all of the headdressing and a look of strength and pride. I find nothing offensive about that, it is not a mockery. 

The Patriots mascot is just as respectful of the people it represents, the people who helped free us from the Tyranny of England, and shape the country which we enjoy today.

Of course there are some who are ashamed of that history and believe that the Patriots went too far when they also fought for this land from the Native Americans. (this could be debated until the Bills win a superbowl, but letís not.) 

Itís just funny that those people, who think that having a mascot called a "Chief" is demeaning toward Native Americans, would replace that mascot with one which honors the people who they blame for wiping out many of the Native American people...the Patriots. Does this make sense to you?

Hey, in my view history is history, and itís just that, learn from it and correct your mistakes. Donít live in guilt for the actions of people from a different time and way of life. We live in a more civilized time where we have done quite a bit to repay those who we feel that we have cheated.

But this mascot thing does nothing in that direction , it is a failed gesture. 

It is also my view that we should be proud of this nation, and itís history, while admitting itís imperfections. Where we have righted the wrongs, we should be just as proud of that too. 

You cannot begin to "Repay" everyone who you feel you have wronged, you just learn and make yourself (or in this case, your nation) better for it. 

So when bleeding heart (no brains) people make a weak, poorly thought out attempt to right a wrong, with another wrong, I just donít agree. In doing so, they put down this great nation and itís founders.

I think itís poetic justice that they came up with the Patriots as a mascot, and are now honoring the Patriots. 

The irony of it all just warms my heart...

So I say, Go Patriots, both New England and Penfield! 

God Bless America!!

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!