Various rants from February of 1999. Please understand that the one regarding Pete Carroll was written after heavy sedation. It's funny to look back and see the things we were talking about 3 years ago! 


- Stadium Deal   The stadium deal in Hartford has hit a snag, sources close to the Kraft 
family are calling it a minor one, yet it is a snag. And with the Billionaire in Houston 
looking for a team to buy, it does not sit well with me. Kevin Mannix from the Boston 
Herald is calling a sale of the team to the rich guy in Houston a real possibility. I hope 
that Mr. Mannix is just being a good writer and giving us a story that he knows will
sell papers. Because as a true Patriot die hard, this would be a huge blow, not to 
mention the loss of this club and the Sundayís down at ďWhatísĒ that I have grown to
look forward to in the fall. I would have a hard time watching another football game if 
the Patriots were to leave the New England region. Lets just hope that this is just more
hype from the manure spreaders.

- Pete Carroll?  In my mind, the jury is still out on Pete Carroll. There too many 
people jumping off his bandwagon and I am not one of them. He brought a broken 
and dismayed team to the playoffs in a year when a few good AFC teams sat home. 
Not to mention the fact that he suddenly found himself in the toughest division in 
football. (What happened there?) To jump down his throat at this point is premature
and without thought. I donít need to sit here and list all of the players that he lost 
this year, starting with Curtis Martin, and ending with Drew Bledsoe. Iím sure you 
can look up for yourselves and see the list of free agents that we lost, and injuries. 
So consider this in your judgment of Pete, and donít just listen to those sharks 
who write for the Boston papers. Leaving him in place as the coach was in my mind,
an easy call! 

- Edwardís Injury  The injury which happened to Robert Edwards was one of those 
ďfreak thingsĒ! I am not going to sit hear and lay blame. But, it does make you wonder
how many of these off season, made for TV, events are really needed. Are they that
big of a ratings grab, worth risking this kind of thing? I think not. I am one of the 
biggest football fan you are going to meet, but I sure donít watch that waste of TV! 
I would rather watch a rerun of a Patís game. Or better yet, do something useful. And 
I suspect that while being an idiot, I am not the minority on this one. Its time for 
the NFL to cut the crap, and concentrate on putting the best product on the field 
when it counts, during the season. Extend the season if you like! But donít play
some meaningless game of flag football on the beach for crying out loud! They 
might as well play a game of lawn darts, while they are at it. Thatís just my slanted 
view...whatís yours?