NFL Refs..."Show me the Money"

By Dean Nicosia

     So the NFL refs want more money, well they deserve more money, but not as much as they are asking for. Being an NFL ref is a tough job, but it also is a part time job, and besides, when it comes down to pay, none of this comes into play. You see, I can think of many tougher jobs, that pay not even half as much, for many more hours put in. In the real world, pay isn't determined by how tough a job is, or even in some cases (managers like me) how many hours you work. It is determined by two things, performance, and market value.

   As a manager who works on salary, I am quite happy knowing that my incentive is to perform, regardless of how hard I need to work to get that done, this is what truly brings out the best in all of us. And on top of that, there is a market value for my job, in the industry which I am in. If I am not happy with that, I need to either deal with it, or move on, and there will be someone lined up behind me, ready to do my job. This is the real world and this is how the NFL refs should be compensated.

  It's kind of a funny thing, living in such a blessed, rich country such as America. You get an industry, such as the NFL, where the money seems to flow like water, and everyone involved wants a piece of the action, forgetting that there is a market value for their job, and if they don't want to do it, there will be many lined up behind them, to do the job just as well. To force the owners to pay more, just because they have the money, would be no different than Time Warner charging you folks out in Fairport, $150 a month for basic cable, just because you make more than the folks in the city. It's your business as an individual how much money you have, and you should never pay for something which is out-of-line with the market. 

   This is the free market economy which makes this country great, not only for the rich, but as well for everyone. We all, rich and poor, live better in this country than they do in most parts of the world. Not to mention that we enjoy a priceless commodity called Freedom. To trade that in for some redistribution of wealth plan, would be to continue down a road where we really don't want to go. 

  There are plenty of guys out there, at the high school and collage level, who would be more than willing to step up and learn the system for the pay which is being offered by the owners, as we are seeing now with the replacement refs. (this is how we know it is a fair market price) We may see some blown calls at first, but they will learn it, just like the other guys did.

  So take the raise which the owners are offering, or go back to your day jobs, (most of which are white collar)  NFL Refs!

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!