One Hit Wonder?

By Dean Nicosia



  Is this the QB of the future, or is this just a one hit wonder?

  This seems to be the question of the hour, the one being tossed around on the local radio shows, the one like, oh maybe...Bob Mathews?

  I didn't have time to call, but he was looking for a Patriots fan to phone up and tell him how many games that the Patriots won this year can be credited to Tom Brady. In his mind, a trained monkey could've taken the Pats to the SuperBowl, and Brady is gonna flop. End of story...

  Well, while I respect Bob Mathews, I don't agree with him on this one. I didn't want to call up and get into an argument about how many games and which ones you can say that were won because of the arm of Brady. I just wanted to point out that you could only find one game which you could say that the Patriots lost because of his arm, and that was the Denver game. 

  That's not bad for a first year QB. Show me another first year QB in the history of the NFL who has played as mistake free with such high percentage of completions as Tom Brady did in his first year. I mean that, some one leave a message on the message board, and tell me who has had a better year in their first year at QB, cause I'm really not sure on numbers, but when you tell me who that is, I'll ask you if they WON the Superbowl  THAT year...

  I mean if Mathews wants to talk one year wonder already, before the kid ever gets a snap in his second year to prove himself, then I'll talk about what a "Wonder it was"...he WON the superbowl...this team has never done that, in 41 years...and the Bills haven't either ..EVER... I think I'd take my chances with this kid, over any other QB in the league right now, THIS kid on THIS team.

 Team...isn't that what it's all about? I mean we hear all of this talk about TEAM players and how TEAMS go all the way, and then when a kid in his first year takes a TEAM to their first Superbowl win ever, he is accused of relying on his TEAM too much, that he really isn't that good, cause the TEAM won...???!?!@?#@?

 Does this make sense to you? 

 And let's dive into that for one quick second...Did the Patriots have the best Defense in the league, statistically? Did the Patriots have the best running back in the league this year? Did you hear anyone one talking up the Patriots before the playoffs as being a great anything?, not at all. They were good everywhere, great at coach and special teams and solid at QB. If the Patriots didn't have a defense as good as that of the Ravens/2000 or Bears/1985, and they didn't have a Barry Sanders or Emmitt Smith at RB, then you tell me how they won the Superbowl with NO help whatsoever from their QB. Well, you may have to ask Bob Mathews for the answer to that one, cause I sure don't have it.

 This TEAM shows a lot of room for improvement, and so does Tom Brady, but he has shown me that he doesn't make many mistakes, throws high percentage stuff, and plays well under fire! And best of all he has the brains of Bernie Kosar. His long ball will develop as his arm does, but for now he holds the best quality a QB can have, he's a TEAM player, and he fits like a glove on this TEAM, in this system.

 The future's so bright...I have to wear shades....

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!