Its time for me, once again, to go way out on a limb here, and offer some bold predictions on the upcoming year. Please forgive my lack of common sense and allow me to boldly walk the plank.

I predict that the sports writers who are calling for us to come in dead last in the division, behind the Colts, are going to be made to look like fools. I understand the reasoning behind not picking us to win the division, but dead last is somewhat laughable in my book!

You can, at least, make a solid case for why we will, as always, beat the pants off the Colts and come in much better than they will. I would like to take that a little bit further and make a case for us coming in at the top of the division. Unfortunately I do not have the space here to do so in detail, so I will give you a few short, but good, reasons.

First, lets deal with the Jets right off the bat. They are the media darlings, now that the big Tuna has them playing better than they have since the Namath days. All good and well, but can Vinny put two good years together? This is the key to putting the Jets over the top. I think that Vinny will fall apart as he always does.

Next are the Bills. While they are a good team with Flutie, they have no running game. Their defense is old and suspect, and their receivers are not that good. I donít think that you can so easily put the Bills above the Patriots. They will be good, but not necessarily better than us.

This brings us to Miami. They have a great defense and a great coach. But unfortunately for them, they donít have much to speak of on offense. While Dan Marino may be the best QB of all time, he is pretty fragile now, and with no proven running game, they need Marino to stay healthy. That could be a tough task this year, with defenses keying on him.

These are just a few of the holes that I see in the AFC east. I think that it is anyoneís division this year, and I canít see sticking New England at the bottom, simply because they lost their running back. Only time will tell, and I canít wait to go watch and see. Iíll see ya all down there soon! God bless and Go Patriots!!!!