Free the Money or the Ego?

By Dean Nicosia 



The new season is all but upon us and as I sit here looking at the team roster, I can't help but wonder what is happening to the NFL. When a die-hard fan of any team can't keep up with the changing faces on that team, you wonder what happened to the notion of loyalty to a team and to a city, or in the case of New England, a region. The yearly rosters resemble a merry-go-round full of screaming little kids changing horses and crying for more candy.

    Without a single thought given to the fans, players like Bruce Smith threaten to head on over to a slightly greener pasture for a few more bucks to satisfy an over inflated ego. "I should be the highest paid player", says Bruce with a "Waa Waa". 

   At the same time, in the middle of the night, players like Curtis Martin are lured to sneak out of town, without even a goodbye letter to say, "thanks to all of you New England fans, for you have given me a good life." The Money has spoken, and the ego as answered, and the fans, who pay these salaries, are the ones who get the shaft.

   Middle fingers up and wallets wide open, they parade around from city to city, raping and pillaging the people of their loyalty and respect, not to mention their money.

   It seems to come down to both money and ego. They want to be the highest paid at their position, because while the difference between a millionaire and a millionaire plus a couple of bucks, may not really matter to the bank account, it makes their ego dance, to see their name at the top of the earnings list.

   At least we can be thankful to have Bledsoe and Coates, as well as a good core defensive unit that have been together for a while. Let's hope that Carroll stays for a while, and let's go Patriots!!

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!