Where in the World is...Terry Glenn?

by Dean Nicosia

Glenn makes big catch

  88 T. Glenn WR
  Height: 5-11  Weight: 193
  Year: 6  Yrs/Pat: 6
  Acquired: D1-96 (7th overall)
  School: Ohio State
  Major: History
  Born: 23 Jul 74 Columbus Ohio


  Well, we are in full training camp mode, and the recently suspended Terry Glenn is nowhere to be seen. In case you havenít heard, Terry Glenn was suspended for the first four weeks of the season for violating the leagueís drug policy. He didnít actually test positive, he just missed the pre-scheduled test date, and with 24 hours to show up and take the darn test, he never showed. To the NFL, this is as good as a fail. "Hey Terry, you knew when the day was, couldnít you just stay clean for a while before hand?...guess not."

 So I would think that being in camp and preparing for the season, which for Terry starts on week 5, would be so much more important for him this year. But no, itís not, cause heís not there. Where is he, you might ask? Off crying like a little baby! "SNIFFLE...they brought in receivers to challenge me, good ones...SNIFFLE...they made me practice with the fourth team....SNIFFLE...they were mean to me, made me work out really hard, said I was out of shape (drugs)....SNIFFLE.... blah blah blah...." That is what Terry is doing. With his $50 million dollar contract ($11 million signing bonus...what the heck is a signing bonus? " here, I know it is hard to sign a contract for 40 million dollars to PLAY football for 6 months out of the year, so take this 11 million dollars as a "Bonus" for doing the difficult task of picking up the pen and signing the darn thing") he is sitting it out, flipping us off and crying about the mean Patriots coach.

  Terry Glenn has lost my faith and respect, he really needs to grow up. You see, I am a very forgiving person, my faith in God requires me to be, when people ask for it, but he is living in a state of pure selfishness, and he is not asking for forgiveness, he is asking to be traded. Well Terry, if that is what you are asking for, then I say "piss off"! (it's not as offensive to tell someone off with a Brittish accent)

 We are the hard working (blue Collar, in my case) people, who grit it out week after week, paying off debt, coping with our REAL problems, who pay your salary! We look forward each week for that Sunday escape. Our Patriots give us something to gather together to support, and to give us break from the work, family, problems and monotony of everyday life. Sports can be a powerful form of entertainment, and in this case, with this club, I have found some really good friends, transplants from another world called New England. So we cheer on our team, and we pay your salary, and until you ask for that forgiveness, your not gonna get it from me. Thatís where the heck, Terry Glenn has been.

...Thatís just my slanted view! God Bless, and Go Patriots!!!